Wacker Reconstruction Begins Next Stage Monday

Two Year Project To Be Completed By End Of 2012

The City of Chicago’s “Revive Wacker Drive” plan to reconstruct both levels of Wacker Drive officially enters the second of its two years as it begins work on the two level street at Monroe and Adams starting Monday, January 9th.

This means come Monday, both Monroe and Adams will be closed to thru traffic (from Canal to Franklin) until sometime this summer, while Madison Street will finally be open to all traffic–vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian.

The Madison Street/Wacker Drive intersection stage of the project was just completed after being closed since July 4th to traffic.

The next phase begins Monday, January 9th where the project moves southward once again when work will be started on both levels of Wacker Drive at the Monroe and Adams Street intersections.

“Our crews continue to work efficiently to meet the demands of a very aggressive construction schedule,” said Chicago Department of Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein regarding the continued on-time and on-budget construction project. “We will maintain that same level of efficiency in 2012 so that motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists can again have full access to this vital roadway and the businesses that surround it.”

According to CDOT, the $300 million road construction project will give the 60,000 motorists who utilize Wacker Drive every day, a slew of improvements including wider roadways, a new ramp from the upper to lower level at Monroe Street and a new left-turn lane for northbound Wacker at Randolph which is supposed to reduce congestion and travel times and improve safety.

The final phase of Revive Wacker Drive is scheduled to kick into gear this summer with work on Wacker between Jackson and Van Buren. The entire Wacker Drive project is scheduled to be completed before the end of 2012.

Here’s the full list of closures and impacts to Chicago drivers:

  • Monroe is closed from Canal to Franklin
  • Adams is closed from Canal to Franklin
  • Madison is re-opened to all pedestrian and westbound vehicular traffic
  • Franklin remains open to two-way traffic from Wacker (east-west section) to Van Buren
  • Access to Wacker ramps is eliminated

Our advice to downtown drivers is to avoid both Monroe, Adams and any nearby and adjacent streets as traffic in the vicinity of the project will be congested and difficult to navigate.

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