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Tow Company Refunds Lincoln Park Ladies

Hell has not frozen over.

I know because I just checked.

But something has happened that would make you think the Devil and his minions were breaking out the ice skates.

Phillips Towing just refunded that group of ladies CBS 2 reported about who all had their cars towed from a parking lot next to Lincoln Park cafe.

Geek Talks Speed Cameras With CBS 2 News At 6

Jay Levine is a handsome man.

The veteran city hall reporter for CBS 2 News asked Mayor Emanuel about the public feedback on the speed camera bill today and has his report on this evening’s 6 PM newscast.

Levine also talks to the Parking Ticket Geek about the issue as well.

Hint: The Geek is the guy with the ugly mug.

The Mayor, during a press conference this morning, was asked about public opinion on the

Governor Quinn’s Office Seeing Strong Opposition To Chicago Speed Camera Bill

Public Response To SB965 Oppose Bill By 9-1 Margin

People really don’t like Illinois Senate Bill 965.

SB965, also known as the Chicago speed camera bill, would allow the city to begin utilizing its red light camera system to do double duty issuing speeding tickets via the U.S. mail within 1/8 of a mile of a school or park.

But based on constituent feedback received by the Governor’s office, there is strong public opposition to the bill with public sentiment against the legislation heavily outweighing support by a 9-1 margin.

The Governor’s office released a report via a Freedom of Information request by The Expired Meter, that shows the Governor’s office has received a total of 224 phone calls, emails or letters from constituents regarding SB965, of which just 19 were in support of the bill. The other 205–over 91%–were opposed to the bill and urged the Governor to veto it.

In total the Governor’s office received 15 letters (11 opposed, 4 in support), 36 phone calls (35 opposed, 1 in support) and 173 email comments via the Governor’s website (159 opposed, 14 in support).

“I think that’s fantastic, but I’m not surprised.” said Cook County Campaign For Liberty’s Scott Davis about the public response to the bill. “People know speed cameras are not about safety, but about revenue.”

Yuppie Moms Get Towed, Whining, Complaining Ensues

CBS 2 covers this gem of a story in Lincoln Park.

Seems there is a new spot in town that all the young mommies enjoy bringing their offspring.

Turns out, the parking lot they’ve been using to park their Audis, Mercedes, Saabs, and BMWs, is not to supposed to be parked in.

It seems that since the building next door to the cafe got torn down in June, all the moms began parking there–at least until last week when close to 20 of the mom’s cars got towed by Phillips Towing Company.

Booted Then Busted For Trying To Remove Boot

It was a bad day for Jovan Streeter.

First, he got booted.

He the proceeded to somehow, implausibly drive his car around the corner of where he was booted to a secluded area to try removing the boot with a hammer and a lug wrench, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

But then someone saw him trying to remove the boot, called 9-1-1 and then the police showed up to arrest him for the act.


Opinion: NTSB Cell Phone Ban Proposal Doesn’t Go Far Enough

It’s been all over the news, on talk radio and in the papers.

The National Transportation Safety Board came out several weeks ago calling for an outright ban on all cell phone activity.

Not just on texting and handheld cell phone calls but on all cell phone calls–even including cell phone calls using a hands free device.

In general, the response has accusations of big brother-ism or, mocking contempt and the full spectrum of citizen outrage.

But why? We think, cell phones should be treated just how we treat other equally deadly items like guns. In most states, in order to transport a handgun, it must be unloaded and locked in the trunk while driving.

Same goes for the cellphone. We push for similar laws that a cell phone’s battery must be removed and then the battery and the phone must be locked in the trunk before a motorist could legally operate the vehicle. A driver caught with a concealed cell phone in the car should face the same prison time as someone with a loaded handgun under the driver’s seat since they’re both equally dangerous.

But it our opinion the NTSB proposal does not go far enough.

Accidents Increase At Kansas City Red Light Camera Intersections?

In 2009 and 2010, car accidents decreased in Kansas City and across the state of Missouri.

But according to the Kansas City Star at most KC intersections outfitted with red light cameras, crashes have actually risen over the past two years. At least that’s what a study released by the Kansas City Police Department says after they studied over 2500 car crashes at RLC intersections within the city.

The story says the police report shows total accidents increased at 11 of 17 RLC intersections in the second year of the camera enforcement program, jumping 18% compared to the year before. KC’s red light camera program began in 2009.

Tips, Tricks & Alternative Routes To Avoid Illinois Tollway Rate Increases

Is the Illinois Tollway’s brand new, nearly doubled rate increases punishing your wallet?

Can’t afford to use your I-PASS anymore?

Both the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald offer insight into alternative travel routes to help drivers to save some money by avoiding the tollway.

In most cases, these routes extend travel times–often increasing driving times significantly.

One Herald reader explains while one alternative route saves him on tolls, the extra expense on gas and wear and tear on his vehicle aren’t worth it, so he’s stuck with paying the more expensive tolls.

Geek May, Or May Not Be On CBS 2 News At 10

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the  finished story and video from Tuesday night’s CBS 2 News.

The story is essentially about a young man who, after recently moving to the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, has been receiving an ungodly number of parking tickets. He claims he’s been getting the runaround from the city and Department of Revenue. The city says the young man is a serial scofflaw.

ORIGINAL POST: Just finished an interview with Mike Parker of CBS 2 Chicago for a piece that may or may not air on the 10 PM news.

The story is about a young man who’s just moved to the city, but has received a blizzard of parking tickets in his short tenure in the Windy City.

So far, CBS news editors have not decided if the story will air or not. So, tune in if you can, but don’t be mad if it doesn’t air.

Or, perhaps you will be thankful that the Geek’s aging and aesthetically challenged visage won’t crack your new plasma TV screen.

Street Junk Begins Popping Up After Snowstorm

Just one little snowstorm.

That’s all it takes and all of a sudden some neighborhood Chicago streets are awash with lawn chairs, milk crates, five gallon buckets and all sorts of other junk.

Even though the several inches of white stuff melted away in 48  hours, selfish Chicago drivers still pulled their crap from their garages and basements to pathetically “reserve” the little piece of the street they allegedly worked so hard to shovel out.