Parking Ticket Pace Up 30% Over Last Year

Booting Down Slightly By 2%

No, it’s not your imagination.

Drivers are receiving more parking tickets this year than last according to documentation from the Department of Revenue.

Parking tickets issued through the end of August were up almost 30% from the same time last year. There have been 2,150,120 parking tickets issued through August compared to only 1,659,407 last year during the same eight months.

According to Department of Finance spokesperson Holly Stutz, the bump in tickets can be attributed to changes in staffing assignments back in August. That’s when employees from the Traffic Management were laid off and TMA staff who patrolled downtown doing parking enforcement were replaced with Parking Enforcement Aides

“In August, Department of Revenue employees were assigned to the Loop,” explained Stutz. “So ticket writing has increased.”

DOR documentation also broke down parking ticket issuance by ward for the entirety of 2010.

The 42nd ward, which covers most of the heavily congested downtown, led all 50 wards with an eye-popping 300,347 tickets as of August–a full 9% of the 3,310,320 total tickets issued in 2010. That’s more tickets written in one ward than the bottom 10 wards put together.

This year’s big jump in parking ticket numbers comes on the heels of an almost 20% increase in ticketing in 2010 from a previous down year of 2,762,915 total tickets issued in 2009.

The 2nd Ward came in aptly, in the number two spot, with 208,740, followed by the 1st ward in third place with 140,808, Lakeview’s 44th ward with 139,652, and the 32nd and 43rd nearly tied with 114,729 and 114,191 respectively.

At the opposite side of the spectrum, the 19th ward had the least tickets issued with a paltry 18,112 issued there in 2010.

Top 10 wards for Parking Tickets in 2010

Rank Ward Tickets

#1      42        300,347

#2        2        208,740

#3        1        140,808

#4       44       139,652

#5       32       114,729

#6       43        114,191

#7       23          92,910

#8       27          79,739

#9         8          77,204

#10       5          76,282

Booting Down Slightly

While parking tickets are trending upward, booting enforcement is slightly down.

Total boots placed as of August 31 is 43,746 compared to 44,581 for the same period last year–a mild 2% decrease.

63,880 drivers came out to find a bright yellow boot on their car over the course of 2010 (a 3% decline from 2009′s total of 66,030 boots placed), with as usual, the airports helping to lead the top two wards to the top of the booting list.

The 41st came in 1st again last year with 2,443 boots placed, which claims O’Hare as a ward resident, and 2,218 boots placed in the 23rd ward, where Midway is located.

The 27th ward came in third in booting in 2010 with 2,137 boots placed, followed by the 2nd ward with 2,060 in fourth, and the 32nd ward in fifth with 1,968.

The 19th ward again ranked last in booting with only 255 boots placed for all of 2010.

Top 10 Wards for Booting in 2010

Rank Ward Boots

#1         41     2443

#2         23     2218

#3         27     2137

#4          2      2060

#5         32     1968

#6         37     1808

#7          5      1717

#8          29    1662

#9          28    1659

#10        20    1618

Here’s the parking ticket and booting data breakdowns for all 50 wards.

22 Responses to Parking Ticket Pace Up 30% Over Last Year

  1. Mike says:

    I forgot to put my new license plate sticker on and on December 1st, I got two tickets from two different cops for the same violation. Meanwhile CPD drives by the gangbangers who loiter by the el and just gives them The Stare. It’s pretty obvious that CPD has revenue generation quotas they must meet … otherwise, why would these beleaguered unhappy and undermanned cops literally excel and ticketing parkers? I wish they paid HALF as much attention to what they call “movers” (people who commit moving violations) as they do parkers. It would make the city walkable.

  2. Mike says:

    BTW, I paid one ticket and contested the other one (issued same day for same violation and dated “12/1/2001″)

    When I ran back down to my car to put on the plate sticker that night, I was almost hit by a cop driving 50 MPH down my street, blowing stop signs, no flashers, etc.

  3. DoR Employee says:

    Mike…Sorry to hear that you got nailed by the biggest problem in the CPD…

    Lazy Fuckers that don’t bother to get out of their squads to LOOK and see if there is a Ticket on the vehicle already.

    The Cities Top 10 list of wards/tickets…..funny…95% of them are covered by Home Deployment Units.

    And I have to laugh rudely at the comment by Holly Stutz.

    She has no damn clue as to where PEA”s are and are not assigned.

    PEA’s have been working the Loop for years before the August TMA terminations. The De Paul PEA’s are just lazy or outgunned in the Loop.

    Using the lay off numbers…70 TMA’s working the streets looking for tickets to write….verses 1 or 2 PEA’s in the Same areas each day.

    But now that the TMA’s are gone…the PEA’s are writing more tickets since August? WTF were the TMA’s doing?

    I’ll tell ya:

    1. Fucking Up Traffic
    2. Leaning against the Walls of Buildings or Shopping
    3. Some actually did direct traffic and try to keep pedestrians from getting hurt.
    4. Writing Tickets for Outside of Metered Space.

    5 tickets a day OFFICIAL QUOTA per my source at the OEMC. 5 x 70 = 135 a day….and Maybe 28 tickets a day per PEA if they are lucky. Plus the Police in the Loop and Gold Coast do nothing but check meters or rush hour tickets or street cleaning tickets….then they protect their buddies that park illegally at their side jobs on Deleware and Walton and Oak street in the 25 per hour security jobs in the Hotels and BCBGMaxazaria and Trabert & Hoffer Jewels and the Four Seasons (to name a few that Hire County and City Cops to front for their Valet’s that illegally park cars.).

  4. Capt M-Plate says:

    Nicely Put DoR….as a former OEMC employee I concur.

    And I love the Top Ten List….

    I work exclusively in 3 of the wards mentioned.

  5. OIF Vet says:

    Figures my ward is in both lists.

  6. DOR what are Home Deployment Units?

  7. DoR Employee says:

    HD units work out of their Homes and Condo’s and Apt’s…

    Reduction in Travel time and increase of time spent ticketing.

    Ashland and De Paul and Jeffery PEA’s spend a lot of time on Public Transit just getting to their assigned weekly beats…

    HD unit is at the end of its 2 year Pilot Program, and will be granted Official Department Status as of Jan 1, 2012.

    It is not a Union Bid Position; it is based upon Performance and ones ability to write obscene numbers of Valid Citations every day consistently.

    Capt M Plate is a Charter Member and the Standard that the Directors and Supervisors point to as what equals an Above Average Employee Work Ethic.

  8. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    One day I would like to meet Capt. M Plate.

    I see a lot of PEAs on the street, some of them sort of slowly meandering down the street looking for tickets to write.

    I’ve never come across someone of (what I imagine to be) Capt. M Plate’s purposeful energy.

  9. Sonic the Hedgehog says:

    Once you meet capt m plate you will hate all ticket writers

  10. A PEA says:

    Ya know Geek, I don’t normally Post here, but I gotta say I know this Dude….helped get him ready to work solo when he came to the North Side Site from training…

    He was ready and able to go after minimal Training…I think he only needed 1 week with supervision.

    The truly fucked up thing about him (I’ve been around for quite awhile); here comes this Rookie fresh out of training…HE MEMORIZED the Damn municipal Code Book for Every Violation we write.

    Every damn paragraph…every exception…every codicil…and he could quote them to the Director or any Supervisor upon request.

    He should be the Deputy Director Of Street Ops…because his work ethic has motivated PEA’s that ‘couldn’t find” tickets to actually start working for a living.

  11. Real PEA (Fed up) says:

    Geek- this guy (A PEA) is full of cr**. Dor Employee is also full of cr**. Capt M Plate is full of cr**. If you ask me its the same person posting. I hope you truly understand that these people do not speak for the dept. They are actually making it worse for all of the honest hardworking ticket writers out there.

  12. Capt M-Plate says:

    I dunno about that Sonic…

    I’m actually quite the pleasant person. And everyone has a Chance to get a warning with me…

    You just got to get to me before I hit that print button…

    Otherwise…It’s not personal…just business.

  13. wolfman says:

    This is for Mr.DOR and for the goofyness of cpt Mplate
    U talk crap about everything with Revenue but why in the hell do u work for a department U hate the most why dont both of u or if u r the smae person get ur retirement papers and take a hike already so honest people that need a job can do it better then both of U’s !!!! hooooo

  14. wolfman says:

    *** I meant same ****

  15. KevinG says:


    I really hate to get personal on these things, but if you think that the least readable part of your post was where you misspelled ‘same’ I think the school system has failed miserably.

  16. Capt M-Plate says:


    Its about the paycheck.

    Jobs are hard to get these days in general…

    I can’t speak for DoR Employee…but I actually like my Department.

    We raise revenue for city services thanks to people that cheat the system or have poor time management skills.

    And along the way, we Teach people to manager their time better by ticketing them for Street Cleaning or Rush Hour or School Zones.

    We are a necessary evil…Unless you’d prefer that the 12500 Police Officers in this city did nothing But write Parking Tickets and Check Meters and the Like, and Ignored real Crime.

    And one benefit of being an American Citizen is that I am Legally entitled to complain about my employer for the things they do that I disagree with. I just do it under a faux name because even though I am protected OFF DUTY by the 2nd Amendment in regards to Free Speech (which the Cities Own Ethics and Office of Compliance Recognizes), there are Directors in every City Department that would attempt to screw with DoR and Ticketmaster and LdyPEA and the other contributors if they knew 100% who we are.

  17. Ticket Masta Blasta says:

    First of all, I want to apologize to Mike for all this.

    -KevinG, you come out retirement and that is all you have to say. Yes I know you are an outspoken opponent of Revenue but you hung up that vest a long time ago.
    -DOR, you are like the immigrants who live in this country illegal. You reap the benefits and mean while bash the country. Instead of constantly bad mouthing the Department, why don’t you try and implement change. The department heads do not care what you have to say when you blog, however you have sometimes crossed the line with some of the stuff you post. Not only do you post false information on here, in instances where a spokesmen for the city had to comment to clarify what you said, you create a unnecessary element of danger to your fellow coworkers.

  18. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Ticket Masta Blasta,

    Let me preface what I say by telling you, I’m tired as hell right now from a difficult day of work.

    But I’m not sure why an apology is necessary?!?

    Am I missing something?

    Like I said, my brain is not firing on all cylinders.

  19. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Real PEA (Fed up),

    First, thank you for your comments. I always am happy to have PEAs or other DOR employees adding their 2 cents.

    I think drivers benefit from the input and advice of city ticket writers so they can follow the rules and get less tickets.

    In reference to your comments, it is hard to know the veracity of the comments or commentators who post their thoughts here. While it’s naive of me, I like to think commentators are being sincere and truthful with the information they post. That’s why it is important when someone is not being truthful for other commentators to chime in with their opposing views and/or challenge the false statements.

    I sincerely hope to hear more from yourself and other PEAs in the future. Thanks again for commenting.

  20. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Quick story.

    This week, I was walking down a busy northside street when a driver came out of a store just as a PEA had walked up and started to write the driver’s car an expired meter ticket.

    The motorist very politely, quietly and respectfully explained to the PEA that he was only a few moments past his time (true) and he lost track of time in the store and asked if the PEA would be kind enough to not write him a ticket.

    The PEA stopped punching info into their AutoCITE and looked at the driver for a moment, as if he were sizing him up. Finally, after a long moment the PEA let the driver off the hook and continued his patrol of the meters along the street.

    It sounds corny, but the interaction made my day. The driver handled it nicely by being polite and respectful and the PEA was a nice guy and cut the driver a break. It was a great example of street diplomacy all the way around.

  21. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    An idea for our PEA readers.

    You guys all know that the public has no love for the PEA.

    It’s not a secret, right?

    But, I also know PEAs (as much as it frustrates me to get a ticket) are just doing their job. Deep down, decent people realize most PEAs are just regular folks doing their job enforcing the law.

    So, why not tell readers about some of the nice things you do or have done for drivers or citizens while on the job? I’m guessing there are some great stories out there.

    Or even talk about the crazy stuff you see walking the streets of Chicago patrolling for tickets. Not necessarily ticketing related, like crazy drivers or crimes or insane people flipping out.

    I mean, just the other day some nutty old women standing in a bus stop offered to perform a sex act on me while I was stopped at the stop light. As soon as the light turned green, I hit the gas. BLECHHH!!

    Crazy ass stories like that.

    Feel free to post them here or you can email me anonymously at:

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