Ticket Writer Charged With Taking Bribe To Make Parking Ticket ‘Disappear’

The wheels of justice move very slowly.

While the Chicago Sun-Times’ gossip columnist Michael Sneed is reporting about Parking Enforcement Aide Jamila Judkins recently charged with taking a $20 bribe in the form of a personal check to make a parking ticket disappear, the original alleged incident of bribery is nearly three years old.

The alleged bribe took place in March, 2009 in the West Rogers Park neighborhood and was originally reported on Ken’s Blog a week after the original incident with all the juicy details.

This site had reached out to the young man who wrote the $20 check in May, 2009 to get more information and try to confirm some of the details. He responded, and asked for us to keep his name out of any story.

Ultimately, when we didn’t get a response from the driver after tendering some followup questions to the original email, and therefore unable to confirm what we thought were crucial details, we decided against publishing the allegations at the time.

But here’s what he said in his email to our original inquiry.

“I was parking on Devon Ave. to go to the bakery. When I got out of the bakery I saw a meter maid giving me a ticket for not paying the meter. When she saw me she said, “since I went in and out of the bakery in five minutes she wasn’t going to give me the ticket”. I told her thank you and began to get into my car. She then said that when she let’s people off she usually gets a little something in return a small fee to her for $20.00. I told her I did not have any cash, and that I only had a check book. She then said I should go into my car and to write the check out to her name. So I went into my car and wrote her the check. She then walked off to go to the bank. When I got home I told my father what happened and he immediately canceled the check. We then went to the police station to file a report. The investigator then called me a few weeks later and had me pick out her picture.

According to one source within the Department of Revenue, Judkin’s alleged bribe finally became an issue within that department three to four months ago and from additional sources, this site has confirmed Judkins has not been writing parking tickets as far back as September of this year.

One PEA who asked not to be identified, says she has been offered bribes several times over her career as a ticket writer for the city. Additionally, PEAs who are offered any sort of compensation for non-suiting a ticket are supposed to report the incident immediately to DOR security.

The main worry for this particular PEA is that Judkin’s alleged actions undermine the public’s trust in PEAs as she wants drivers to know the vast majority of ticket writers are “honest, hardworking people” who have too much integrity to ever accept a bribe.

18 Responses to Ticket Writer Charged With Taking Bribe To Make Parking Ticket ‘Disappear’

  1. Dave Current says:

    We would expect no less from the city that gave us Obama.

  2. Rod C, Venger says:

    There’s two conversations going on in this article, the main one being about the “PEA” that’s all but demanding money in return for not writing tickets. The other is in the department’s admission that PEA’s are at time offered bribes in order to forego writing a ticket. That’s two different issues. Accepting a bribe is different from soliciting one. In accepting a bribe it can be argued that a person merely succumbed in a moment of weakness or empathy. In demanding payment, one is stooping to the level of extortion. One is a personal weakness, the other an outright abuse of authority. Those are two different animals entirely.

  3. DoR Employee says:

    Dave….GFY….because something like this never happened under the Republicans or Whigs.

    Go to New Orleans….corruption is rampant.
    Go to New York…crooks in city employ.
    Go to LA….gang bangers in the Police Department.

    It is not something that is Specific to Chicago.

  4. Roger Jollie says:

    As DoR points out corruption is rampant in New Orleans and New York; just as it is in Chicago. New Orleans has had a Democrat mayor since at least 1872. New York was Democrat from 1946 until Giuliani and the pseudo Republican (now independent) Bloomberg. (I don’t consider either true republicans. Although it did start to get cleaned up under Giuliani.) Chicago has been Democrat since 1931. Very good of you to point this out.

  5. Carl says:

    Dave….GFY….because something like this never happened under the Republicans or Whigs.

    Go to New Orleans….corruption is rampant.
    Go to New York…crooks in city employ.
    Go to LA….gang bangers in the Police Department.

    It is not something that is Specific to Chicago.

    But it is specific to cities run by democrats.

  6. justlogical says:

    This cop taking a bribe is no different than the politicians in washington taking money and perks from corporations and lobbist.

  7. Oso says:

    Personally, I would expect no less from the state that gave us Reagan?

    this could go on for a while…

  8. JB says:

    The problem in Chicago is $20 was too small a bribe. Unbelievable the entire city gov is on the take and they go after a ticket writer.

  9. Fred says:

    DoR Employee:

    Funny, those cities you cite are all bastions of Democrats.

    ANd as for New Orleans, one of the biggest crooks in New Orleans was Mose Jefferson, older brother of former US House member Bill Jefferson, who was convicted of corruption. Mose orchestrated corruption unheard of since Huey Long. He involved other Jefferson siblings and nieces, and his girlfriend, all of whom held city or state elective offices.

    And where did Mose Jefferson get his experience in politics ? Yep, that’s right – Chicago. He lived in Chicago from 1963 to 1981, working for the Democrat machine after a 9 month stint in prison for robbery. After he perfected the art of bribery and theft of public funds, he took his skills to New Orleans. But had he not been involved in Chicago politics, he likely would always have been a petty thief.

  10. PAUL says:

    A frend told me that he paid off a city official 5,000 dollars to get a construction contract here in California. He said all State construction jobs were controled by organized crime. He said he needed the work to keep his construction besiness going. It is sad.

  11. Chad Sexington says:

    The fact that the PEA took a personal check pretty much says it all.

  12. East Ontario says:

    “…..city that gave us Obama…”

    This was in Kenya?

  13. imstrider says:

    its true that many cities harbor corrupt offcials, even parking ticket writers, but Chicago and corruption are in a whole different level. It’s only a matter of time before the next scandal hits talk radio, because you won’t hear about it from the MSM.

  14. DoR Employee says:

    Thanks Oso….

    I agree Chad

  15. not doing it says:

    Police in Chicago soliciting a bribe, I’m shocked, just shocked. NOT.

  16. Capt M-Plate says:

    I’ve helped people change a flat tire…I’ve helped people that locked themselves out of their cars get in with a hanger or a hairpin (yes..I’m actually that good)….

    But if someone reaches for their wallet…I tell them to stay the “F” away from me…the tickets done and I don’t take cash or checks.

  17. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Rod C. Venger,

    Yes, you are right–there are sort of two somewhat different aspects of bribery mentioned in the story. The point of quoting one ticket writer in regards to being offered bribes, is to point out that ticket writers DO get offered compensation to “fix” a ticket they just wrote or not to write a ticket at all. It’s two sides of the same coin.

    I see your point, but the info was meant to add some additional context and background for better understanding.

  18. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    Here’s a story about a PEA being offered a “bribe” that I experienced first hand.

    I was visiting with some friends who had just opened a pizza joint. Nothing fancy, but good pizza and some really nice guys.

    While I was there, a PEA was about to write a ticket for one of the delivery drivers parked outside. The owner ran out and respectfully explained the driver was about to leave on a delivery and if the PEA would let this one slide.

    The PEA was kind enough to not write the ticket. The restaurant owner tried to offer the PEA a slice of pizza and a Coke just as a way to show appreciation. It was not intended as a “bribe” in the traditional sense but was a sincere offer of appreciation for the PEA understanding a $50 ticket would have made that evening a money loser for the pizza delivery driver as the tips on a weekday night would not have topped $50.

    But the PEA politely declined saying (and I’m paraphrasing) that he didn’t want the slice of pizza to look improper and he went on his way.

    I was impressed.

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