City Sticker Fees To Increase For All Vehicles

Most Cars Will See Stickers Increasing From $75 to $85

Ten bucks

That’s how much more a city sticker will cost for the vast majority of Chicago drivers according to a compromise reached by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and city council members.

Originally, Mayor Emmanuel had proposed raising the price of city stickers just for cars categorized as larger vehicles. But the Mayor was proposing lowering the weight threshold from the current 4500 pounds to just 4000 pounds–a move that would have added over 184,000 vehicles to this category as originally reported here.

Moderate outrage coming into ward offices from motorists driving family minivans and other automobiles no one would consider an SUV, may have influenced aldermen into reaching a compromise to keep the larger passenger category at 4500 pounds.

But while passenger cars get a $10 annual bump from $75 to $85, SUVs city stickers will now cost $120 to $135 a $15 increase. As originally proposed, pickup trucks will still see a $20 increase from $180 to $200 and larger trucks will have a $30 increase making those city stickers $450 this coming June.

Emanuel’s original plan would have brought in an additional $14 million from the increased fees for SUVs. The Mayor’s office believes these across the board city sticker increases will still reach that $14 million goal.

But this compromise includes some bad news for city sticker scofflaws. That $120 fine for not purchasing and displaying your city sticker will now be $200. In addition, that $40 late fee will rise $20 to $60 starting next year under this proposal

While it seems like the city sticker fee increase has the backing to get passed through the city council, City Clerk Susana Mendoza continues to be resolute in her opposition to the increases.

“Clerk Mendoza’s position remains the same from the beginning: she is not in favor
of a fee increase at all,” says City Clerk spokesperson Kristine Williams. “Her focus has and continues to be increasing enforcement and going after the scofflaws. She is glad the Mayor supports her idea of increasing the fines and penalties on those who purposefully avoid paying the wheel tax. She would have preferred for any revenue generated from enforcement to go towards holding the line on sticker fees.”

Mendoza and Emanuel met briefly Friday morning to discuss the proposed city sticker increases and the Clerk’s ideas for generating revenue through greater enforcement.

Emanuel and Mendoza seemed to be at odds over the city sticker fee increases as the Mayor had originally announced the fee increases for SUVs without communicating the idea with the City Clerk–the office that administers the massive city sticker program.

“She (Mendoza) made it very clear he should have reached out from the beginning, but that’s water under the bridge,” explained Williams. “He pledged to do what’s necessary to increase enforcement.”

18 Responses to City Sticker Fees To Increase For All Vehicles

  1. Rob is anti-motorist. What else can be said?

  2. Andrew says:

    Rahm hasn’t driven a car since he got his first political position.

    I think I am going to run every plate now…200 a pop….wheeeee

  3. Andrew says:

    Oh yeah….The Clerk does have to do what the Mayor says.

    The problem is that the Clerks office only has about 50 actual Agents that go around from ward to ward and do checks.

    They need the ‘help’ of Ser Co contractors.

    They would be better served going through the parking garages and lots where the majority of the Scofflaws Hide their vehicles.

    The City would make more money if they got the Enforcement teams the ability to OCR out of state license plates to check for Illinois ID or DL info via the Vehicle VIN number.

  4. Pete says:

    This stupid-ass stickers (that no other state uses, btw) should be done away with completely. The wheel tax can be set by each municipality just like it is now but then it could be collected by the state along with the annual registration renewal and the local portion could be forwarded to the municipality. This would make for a more efficient process (no more sticker printing, sales or enforcement) and it would guarantee compliance. Everybody would be paying their local wheel tax, unless they want to drive around with expired plates. What’s not to like about this idea? Sure it won’t catch the people who keep their registration address in the burbs, but neither does the current system.

  5. Andrew says:

    Heard from a friend in 018….the PO’s are going to stake out the entry/exit of random Highrises and check I.D’s on the people that drive in and out for residency/stickers.

  6. Andrew says:

    Pete….as Crooked as Cook County and Chicago are…

    You actually trust the State of Illinois?

    Home Rule Clause of 1979…..The State can charge whatever it wants for vehicles…but the Illinois Constitution allows Municipalities to do what they want if they exceed the minimum population threshold.

    Get elected….then enact change….if you can get the majority 2/3rds vote.

  7. Bjorn Bonilla says:

    If you think you’ve never been MUGGED, think again….

  8. Tony says:

    In the next two years, 300,000 Chicagoens are going to leave. When this happens, they will loose revenue again, about $18,000,000. They will raise the sticker price again to make up for the lose or think of other ways to stick it to their citizens, again.

    Like proposing to require all bicyclist to purchase yearly permits to ride their bikes on the streets. Or tolls around city limits, tickets if your property is not swept of leaves, snow and ice, business permits for building owners, fines for spitting on the ground, jogging while listening to an ipod, J-walking and U-walking, farting in public and walking while texting.

    You may think this is funny. It’s coming!

  9. Chad Sexington says:

    Firstly, I’d like to say that I consider the Chicago city sticker to be more of a “recessive wheel tax” than anything . . . and it basically entitles you to nothing.

    That said, I think there should be a new law against not enforcing existing laws . . . and by that I mean the city should have to show due diligence in relation to going after scofflaws/abusers before introducing new/higher fees for plates, stickers, etc. People who abide by the law get screwed while the people who ignore the laws get away with pretty much anything.

    The city could make a boatload of money if they just had more people issuing tickets who actually knew the law(s). While walking my dog several times a day in the South Loop, I see literally dozen of legit violations that go unnoticed: missing front plates on IL vehicles, improperly displayed city stickers/residential passes, cars garaged on the street in excess of 7 days, misc. crap hung from rear-view mirrors, parking too far away from the curb, etc.

  10. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    That’s been the point of view of the City Clerk for the last few months.

  11. DoR Employee says:

    Chad…one of the examples you mention are only enforceable by Police Officers.

    The Improper Display of City Stickers / Residential Parking Permits violations are not currently an Authorized Ticket for members of Revenue if it is not in the “exact proper location.” And that is because our Department Director doesn’t want us to Nit Pick that much. Reused or Altered Temp RPP’s are easy to spot and enforce though.

    The “7 Day” code is difficult to enforce, plus Revenue has a few requirements that PEA’s have to witness before we just issue that ticket.
    The Municipal code on it is quite plan to understand, but if the vehicle in question doesn’t have multiple violations on it, it is hard for a PEA that is only in that area for a week to “KNOW FOR CERTAIN” that the vehicle hasn’t moved.

    Illinois vehicles with no front plate…well that just comes down to Luck. If there is a PEA or Cop on the block checking cars, they will most likely notice it and issue the proper citation. If there isn’t a Ticket Writer on that is most likely going to be missed, and the vehicle owner gets lucky. There are only ‘so many’ PEA’s on duty Monday through Friday and only so many Ser Co Contractors on duty on the Weekends. We can’t catch Every Violation Every day. Even the best ticket writer isn’t going to be able to be everywhere looking at every car or truck or van every minute of every day.

    Now about the “12 inches or More From the Curb” violation…
    I can’t speak for the Police Department, but most of the PEA’s I know exercise discretion on that particular code. We look for Excessive Distance between the Tires and the Curb. For example…If I look at a Saab while on patrol, and I see that I could park a Motor Scooter between the Car and the Curb; I am going to issue that ticket. But I don’t whip out a tape measure and ticket a vehicle that’s 13 inches from the curb each time I see one. For the majority of us, that one needs to be Very Obvious and Noticeable.

    And I think that particular Ticket is not on par with others in the realm of where the fine is.

    Why? If you park your vehicle ON the Curb, you are liable (if caught) for a 60 dollar Fine. But if you are more than 12 inches From the Curb, it is a 25 dollar Fine. I would reverse it, because having your car or truck or van too far from the curb could actually cause a problem to Traffic Flow, whereas being On the Curb only causes an Issue with the Concrete.

  12. DoR Employee says:

    New and interesting news about City Sticker Fine increases…

    Coming Soon to a Blog near you.

  13. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    Do you know something I don’t about the new city sticker fines?!?

    Send me an email.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I know what she is getting at….

    The increase of the City Sticker fine based upon vehicle plate type.

  15. Ky says:

    How the HECK did my city sticker just rise from $85 to $200…that is what i rcvd in the mailtoday_$200 for my sticker and that is not even listed on the web site (the price).
    They also listed my vehicle incorrectly as obviously they dont know what a G20 is..they put down under MODEL: G25
    There is not way i am paying 200 for my 20 yr old van
    I would rather just go register it in Wisconsin this wk and skip thei BS altogether.

  16. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    Before you have a complete meltdown, call the City Clerk’s office and calmly, ask questions and explain your problem. It sounds like a simple mistake.

  17. Drew says:

    Not going to like this Ky,

    The Chevy G20 Van is a full sized, Large Passenger vehicles over 4500 pounds (gross weigh: 4713 per Chevys archives).

    The LP class city sticker (vehicles 4500 pounds or higher) has a starting price of 195.00. Plus Extra for RPP zone number if needed. Plus late fee if not a new vehicle purchase or new to Chicago 30 day grace period purchase.

    The price is accurate to within 5 bucks

    The price is

  18. Patricia Hanas says:

    This is crazy. How many stickers does one car need. I am so sick of this city! More and more money poured into the city, and the potholes on my street don’t get done, the tree, I have only asked to be cut for 4 years, doesn’t get done, and God along knows what else, that they don’t do, and now they just want more money. You know what? SO DO I!!! I don’t even drive in Chicago. I live at the tail end of Chicago. I drive in the Suburbs, not in Chicago. My licence plate sticker is up to date, and as far as I am concerned that is all that needs to be done. People are getting fed up!! I cannot wait to move out of this city. Next year with any luck I will be North Carolina. Taxes are so low, it is unbelievable.

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