Chicago Tribune Gives Quinn Green Light On Speed Cameras

The Chicago Tribune editorial board thinks Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed speed camera program is just fine and dandy.

In fact, the Trib edit board essentially pleading with Governor Pat Quinn to not delay and speedily sign that puppy into law. “Do it for the kids Gov. Quinn!,” is the overriding theme of the piece.

On Sunday, the board’s editorial, entitled “Speeding cameras: Go, governor,” salivated over the idea giving readers such insightful platitudes as “If you don’t speed, you won’t have to pay.”

The editorial also cites alleged “safety studies” done by the city as evidence the program is a super, duper idea, even though the newspaper’s own reporting found significant flaws in how the city interpreted their own data. In fact, the city’s own numbers showed that most juvenile pedestrian deaths due to car crash were on side streets–not on busier thoroughfares.

Another Tribune report found that if the definition of the “safety zone” was taken to its logical conclusion, the city could effectively install cameras or deploy mobile speed cameras to nearly every corner in the city.

But, much like the city, and other one dimensional thinkers, using red light cameras to catch speeders will not ultimately solve the issue of pedestrian deaths whether they be adult or children.

Chicago should at least explore traditional, tried and true methods of improving safety first, like doing comprehensive, independent traffic studies to see what engineering changes to roads and intersections could be made. Traffic studies which are required by federal law every five years which the city has not done in let’s say, more than five years.

Alas, traffic studies and engineering to improve safety costs money.

Platitudes about the safety of children paired with $50 and $100 automated camera tickets for speeding is a money maker.

Here’s the Tribune’s full editorial, “Speeding cameras: Go, governor.”

6 Responses to Chicago Tribune Gives Quinn Green Light On Speed Cameras

  1. Pete says:

    That editorial was pathetic. I can’t wait to see the reaction of the writers when they get their first tickets in the mail. I can imagine them saying “but I’m a good driver, I don’t speed”.

    I’m sure Quinn’s limp wrist will be signing this bill soon enough.

  2. [...] The Chicago Tribune editorial board got behind the new speed camera bill in a big editorial in Sunday’s paper, instructing Gov. Quinn to sign the bill. [...]

  3. Gene says:

    How is it going to provide safety for the children when there are stop signs and speed bumps around most schools?Just another way to soak tax payers.

  4. John says:

    Ever notice how repressive laws made to spy on you, take away freedoms, and take money out of your pocket are implemented by supposedly liberal Democratic governments like the one Chicago has had for generations.

  5. Bob Kastigar says:

    Sign the bill, Governor.

    It doesn’t cost the taxpayers, it only costs the speeders.

    Those that drive safely and obey the law won’t get tickets, won’t get fined, and won’t have to pay.

    Too many cars driving too fast in too many places – both in Chicago and in the suburbs. Something needs to be done to control traffic.

  6. WW says:

    How many accidents are in Illinois caused by speeders? and how many by drunk drivers? putting a camera on the side of the road is just easy way to make money that is it and not really care about people. it is just big bs what is going on that is one of the reason Chicago is becoming a ghost city.

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