Accidents Jump At Des Plaines RLC Intersection

A year after red light cameras were installed at Golf and Rand Roads in Des Plaines, crashes have nearly doubled at that intersection according to a story in the Daily Herald.

There were seven recorded crashes at the intersection in the last year under the unblinking eye of the RLC, but only four (with one injury) the year before there were cameras. Six of the seven crashes were rear end collisions.

16 collisions were recorded at Golf and Rand in 2008. But without any camera enforcement, crashes dropped by 75% to just four the following year.

Despite the increase in crashes, Des Plaines Police Deputy Chief Angela Burton believes the city needs more data to figure out if the program is improving safety or not.

Read the Daily Herald’s full story, “Year later, Des Plaines wants more data on red-light cameras.”

3 Responses to Accidents Jump At Des Plaines RLC Intersection

  1. Pete says:

    But I thought the cameras were for safety? Hah!

    If red light cameras were only used to ticket someone for blowing a solid red light in a way that could actually cause a traffic hazard, I would actually support them. But this happens infrequently enough that such cameras would not be profitable, even if the fine were $500 which it should be in a case like that.

    In reality, red light cameras are hugely profitable only if tickets are issued for piddly infractions like right turns and going through the light a little too late on the (shortened) yellow. Things that rarely, if ever, cause an accident.

  2. glg says:

    rear end crashes are less likely to cause injuries or fatalities than head-on collisions, so if a RLC causes a shift from head ons to rear ends, that’s a good thing

    or at least, that’s what the RLC vendors will try to sell you when something like this comes up.

  3. I’ve never seen an RLC vendor claim to prevent head on crashes. The ratio between angle versus rear end collisions average is 1 to 5. So the cumulative damage is far worse for rear end crashes. I spoke at two Des Plaines council meetings asking questions none of the city officials could answer. One of which was “What are the three leading causes of red light violations?” No answer from the city council. I then asked the city council how they plan to solve their red light running “crisis” when they don’t even know the causes. Again, there was stark silence…
    When the Redspeed RLC representative put on presentation at subsequent meeting I asked another set of basic questions for which he didn’t know the answers. He tried to “sell” RLC based on the fact he was a retired Elk Grove Village officer. Apparently outsourcing law enforcement is a road paved with pitfalls.

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