Report: Circle Interchange Ranked Worst In Nation

Chicago's Circle Interchange ranks worst in nation according to study

Chicago is number one again.

But instead of being home to a championship sports team, the Windy City gets to brag that the infamous Circle Interchange ranks #1 for being the most congested highway interchange in the entire U.S for truckers.

Of course, if the trucks are moving slow in traffic, so are Chicago drivers stuck in the same congestion.

According to a newly released report from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Circle Interchange where the Kennedy, Dan Ryan (I-90/I-94) and Eisenhower (I-290) expressways intersect, is the slowest, most congested highway bottleneck in the nation.

The ATRI study claims the average speed for semi trucks coming into the Circle Interchange during peak congestion is 22.34 MPH, 31.89 MPH during non-peak periods, and averages a speed of 29.41 MPH.

The list of 250 high congestion locations was determined through analysis of data generated by monitoring GPS enabled trucks hauling freight through well known traffic choke points around the country.

But, the Circle Interchange is not the only location in the greater Chicago area that made the list. In fact, two other area interchanges put three Chicago area interchanges in the list’s top ten.

This includes the northbound Kennedy-Edens Junction where I-90 and I-94 come together on the northside of the city ranked 8th. In addition, just east of Chicago where I-65 and I-80 meet in Gary, IN ranked 6th overall.

Other area traffic bottlenecks making the list include:

24th Milwaukee, WI: Mitchell Interchange – I-94/I-894

32nd Chicago, IL: I-90 at I-94 (South)

43rd Milwaukee, WI: I-94 at I-894

45th Chicago, IL: I-290 at I-355

158th Joliet, IL: I-80 at I-55

187th Chicago, IL: I-80 at I-94

202nd Bloomington-Normal, Il: I-39 at I-55/I-74

203rd Champaign-Urbana, Il: I-57 at I-74

204th Peoria, IL: I-74 at I-474

Even though the Chicago-area had three locations in the top ten of this list, Texas was the truck congestion champion with four top ten bottlenecks with three Houston locations in the top five and one interchange in Austin, TX coming in seventh.

The ATRI is the research arm of the American Trucking Associations Federation and is based in Arlington, VA.

Photo courtesy and copyright MD111′s Flickr page.

2 Responses to Report: Circle Interchange Ranked Worst In Nation

  1. Dave says:

    Truck traffic and personal vehicle traffic should operate in seperate lanes, at all times or at least in areas where interacting with non-truck traffic is a gurantee for congestion.

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