Reader’s Dumke Questions Mayor Emanuel’s View Of Parking Meter Lease Deal

You know Mick Dumke, right?

He’s the hard hitting investigative journalist/political reporter for the Chicago Reader who did a lot of work (along with Ben Jorvasky) looking  into Mayor Daley’s infamous and almost universally hated parking meter lease deal.  Dumke had authored three cover stories on the subject.

The always observant Dumke is now seeing what he perceives as a “shift” in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s view on the lease deal.

In his just published piece, he chronicles Emanuel’s evolving opinion, tracking his view of opposing it during the election and stating he would look into the possibility of renegotiating the deal, to now unblinking acceptance of our city’s 75 year parking meter fate.

Here’s Dumke’s complete thoughts on the subject, “Rahm Emanuel’s shifting views of the parking meter deal.”

10 Responses to Reader’s Dumke Questions Mayor Emanuel’s View Of Parking Meter Lease Deal

  1. DoR Employee says:

    The City has only one way out of the lease currently…

    Buyout/Refund the 1.1+ Billion to Morgan Stanley w/e…

    Or Catch CPM/LAZ in a contract violation that engenders the ability to cancel with no refund.

  2. glg says:

    I’d be shocked if there is a contract violation that would stand up in court that would require at least a portion of the money to be repaid.

  3. Bob Foster says:

    …or could it possibly be that once in office, examining the factual accounts of the transaction instead of the myriad of opinions and media hyperbole, he realized that it wasn’t such a bad deal after all?

    Well, it’s either that or one hell of a campaign contribution!

  4. Its267 says:

    I think it’s nice that Dumke’s grandmother let him borrow her sweater for his photo shoot. I assume she’s the one who licked her hand and greased that part over for him.

    With all the women beating down Mick’s door, I’m shocked he still has time for his “journalism”.

  5. ever-lurking reader says:

    Thanks for adding so much to this discussion, Its267! What does Mick Dumke’s appearance have to do with evaluating Rahm’s fluctuating opinion of the 75-year lease of our city’s parking meters? The parking meter lease – that’s what’s ugly. (Personally, I think Mick is sexy… and his journalistic skills only make it more so, but that is beside the point)

  6. ItsRaham says:

    Hey Rahm! Thanks for posting!

  7. johnny says:

    laz is a joke…bunch of outta towners not paying chicago taxes but getting paid big bucks to run this bs of a program…see how many big shots in chicago are actually from here? and now they are dropping payboxes where there was never even meters….u can not take down laz…

  8. Dick Wood says:

    LAZ Parking and their running buddy Boot Man, Inc. have a long and well documented record of questionable business practices. (see for details)
    Why on earth ANY politician would grant them a mega totally exclusive parking deal for any major metro area is beyond me! But of course generous re-election donations have their benefits….

  9. ItsRahm says:


    Rahm, is that you?

  10. Its267 says:

    So making juvenile and mocking statements is ok for Mick Dumke (a journalis), but not anyone speaking about Mick Dumke (including in an article forum)? Is that right @ever-lurking…or should I say Mick?

    Read through Mick’s articles, he is just fine invoking personal attacks, including those referencing the subjects physical characterstics.

    He even likes to copy little characters into his article of which villian he thinks his subjects resemble. Now that’s some pulitzer prize winning journalism right there!

    Sorry if a little taste of your own medicine hurt your feelings Mick. Maybe when you return grandma’s cardigan sweater she’ll bake you some cookies, pour you a big glass of milk and explain to you what a karma means.

    I will say this, Mick’s undershirt is clearly Michael Jordan approved.

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