Parking Conflict Still Simmers In Logan Square

For as long as anyone can remember, cars were not allowed to park along Logan Boulevard.

But recently and quietly, Alderman Rey Colon (35th) was able to pass municipal legislation allowing parking along the boulevard on certain days and times.

Allegedly this was done at the behest of church goers with a dearth of legal parking spots in Logan Square, while others argue it was done to appease local bar and restaurant owners who’s patrons can never find places to park.

The change in parking policy and the speed of how it was done has many Logan Square residents really ticked off. So much so, a group of concerned citizens have started a group to fight the recent changes called Save Our Boulevards (SOB).

Paris Schutz of WTTW’s Chicago Tonight ventures into Logan Square to get some insight on the issue in his piece, “Faith, Politics, and… Parking.”

8 Responses to Parking Conflict Still Simmers In Logan Square

  1. V says:

    DOR/Serco ticket writers-expect bunch of cars parked on Logan Blvd near Calf this evening around 7. Op to write some tow zone tickets. This is outside new ordinance times.

  2. Lynn Stevens says:

    WTTW missed a lot (not blame, just observation), like that the alderman requested parking until 1 AM on Kedzie, which would pretty much only serve Logan Square Auditorium for its concerts, not any churches.

  3. Capt M Plate says:

    If you start to allow parking on Logan Sq Blvd…2 things are going to happen..

    1. People will abuse the system. they will Double Stop Stand to load/unload crap and screw up what is a easy Blvd to travel on.

    2. It will become more dangerous for the simple fact that Drivers in Chicago are Reckless on a good day….Drive while texting or talking on the phone, driving distracted because they are reading (I shit you not, I saw someone reading while they were driving and they had a foot up on the dash while I was on Stoney).

  4. Jeff says:

    Streetsbloggers having their period over proposed new parking in Logan Square — addition of convenient parking has Streetsblog at a VagCon 1 Alert status:

  5. Pete says:

    I hope this gets built just to piss off the anti-car hipsters.

  6. Jeff says:


    According to the Streetsbags, we should all do our grocery shopping for the whole week on a Divvy bike. I wonder where these ass-hats stuff their cucumbers for the trip home from the store?

  7. Jeff says:

    Logan Square megamall to be redeveloped. Cue the whining from Streetslog about parking spaces in 3, 2, 1, …..

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