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Man Killed In South Side Road Rage Incident

Sometimes while driving, our tempers get the better of us.

We honk, we curse, we gesture and yell out the window.

Sometimes it goes further. Sometimes things really get out of hand and end horribly.

Some people call it road rage. We call it stupid.

Last week a young man’s life ended tragically and abruptly after a verbal altercation between two drivers on a South Side street.

SpotHero Wins Apps For Chicago Contest

SpotHero's Jeremy Smith and Mark Lawrence

SpotHero‘s Mark Lawrence is pumped.

“We were unbelievably excited,” says Lawrence. “We’ve been really working hard on this full time and it really shows validation for our idea.”

After a year of hard work by himself and his partner Jeremy Smith in launching their parking spot rental website, SpotHero claimed top prize in the first round of the city sponsored Apps for Chicago contest.

The first round of this program to promote local technological entrepreneurship focused on transportation. After being selected from an initial 30 app submissions, SpotHero beat out 12 finalists for the $5000 top prize.

Parking Ticket Scheme Gets Cops In Hot Water

Three years.

It’s taken three years for five Chicago Police Department employees to finally be disciplined for being involved in a scheme to issue improper parking tickets to a man from the south suburbs according to the Chicago Tribune.

This website has been following Jon Yates, the Trib’s Problem Solver’s dogged coverage of Mark Geinosky’s never-ending parking ticket saga.

First, Geinosky started getting a flurry of parking tickets issued for addresses he’s never driven his car. While fighting the tickets, he tried to uncover what seemed to be a concerted effort to inconvenience him with these tickets but the case went nowhere. He finally got the Trib’s Yates on the case which forced CPD to reopen the case.

Aretha Franklin Sings Way Out Of Parking Ticket

Instead of trying to talk her way out of a parking ticket, Aretha Franklin rather sing her way out from an expensive parking violation according to the New York Post.

Early this month, the Queen of Soul was having dinner at a BBQ joint in New York City when she spotted a parking enforcement officer getting ready to write her car a parking ticket.

She ran out of the restaurant and crooned to the ticket writer who immediately recognized Franklin and instead of issuing a ticket, asked the star to sign the ticket envelope.

Man Angered Over Lack Of Parking Enforcement Tasered, Subdued, Arrested

Clearly, this person is mentally ill.

Because what sane person would consciously invite parking tickets?

Michael Andes, of Shelton, Connecticut was so frustrated with the lack of parking enforcement by police, he parked illegally in a handicapped spot and called the police over a dozen times to report his own violation according to The Blaze.

Critical Mass Brings Bike Mayhem To Chicago Streets Friday Evening

It’s the last Friday of the month everyone.

If you’re not sure of the significance, you may be one of the few Chicago drivers never caught by the thousand or so bike riders participating in Critical Mass

Nissan Leaf Tour Hits Chicago This Weekend

The Nissan Leaf shows off at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show

Nissan’s new all electric vehicle,the Leaf, is on a cross-country promotional tour of the U.S. and has just rolled into Chicago.

The Nissan Leaf Drive Electric Tour has been on the road since early July bringing 14 of the gas-less vehicles to major American cities for interested drivers to test drive.

Chicago drivers get their chance to take a Leaf for a test spin this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and see for themselves how a car that never has to gas up performs on the streets of the Windy City.

The Leaf tour crew is based at the East Museum parking lot adjacent to Soldier Field and based on the response from previous tour dates, the Nissan people are expecting a solid turnout.

“We’re expecting a huge crowd,” says Charles Ostezan, Account Supervisor for GMR Marketing a firm helping coordinate the Leaf Tour event. “Whenever you put something exotic or new out, people get excited. No where else can you drive an electric car unless you own one already.”

SpotHero Selected As Apps For Metro Chicago Finalist

The SpotHero boys have been selected as one of ten finalists for the City of Chicago sponsored Apps for Metro Chicago contest.

Essentially, it’s a contest to encourage developers and entrepreneurs to create mobile internet applications specific to Chicago.

Illinois Tollway Authority Whacks Drivers With Painful Toll Price Increase

Board Approves Plan That Nearly Doubles Toll Prices

This one is going to hurt.

On Thursday, the Illinois Tollway Board of Directors approved the $12 billion, 15 year capital plan which not only makes infrastructure improvements to the tollway system, but nearly doubles the cost of toll prices for most drivers.

This price boost will cost motorists using I-PASS transponders an additional 35 cents per toll, jumping the current 40 cent toll to 75 cents–an 87% increase. This is the first toll increase for I-PASS users in 28 years.

After a series of 15 listening session meetings around northern Illinois of the state, the board approved the plan on a 7-1 vote based on the overall positive response that came in from the over 1,900 attendees, letters, emails and the Tollway’s website. The Tollway Authority says over 85.5% of the response was positive with only 9.5% of attendees opposing the plan.

Some Parking Lots Closed For Maintenance

This past week a handful of  metered surface parking lots around the city have been closed or partially closed for maintenance–more specifically resurfacing and seal coating according to the Chicago Parking Meters website.

This includes lots located at 4519 N. Lincoln (Lincoln Square), 1938 W. Monterey, 417 E.75th and 1130 W. Lawrence (Uptown).

The parking lots began being worked on Monday, August 22nd and will re-open between Thursday and next Tuesday, August 30th.

For more information, check the Chicago Meters website for all the details and specific schedules.