Paul McCartney Comes To Wrigley Field, Plan On Parking Chaos Sunday & Monday

He hasn’t played a concert in Chicago since 2005, but this time Paul McCartney brings his tour to Wrigley Field.

The ex-Beatle brings his show to Wrigleyville for two nights Sunday and Monday, leaving a wake of parking and driving chaos in his wake.

Parking restrictions will begin as early as 4 PM both days and last as long as 2 AM in some cases.

Drivers are encouraged to read and pay heed to any temporary paper signs prohibiting parking over the next two days.

In addition, even though the Cubs are out of town and there’s not a baseball game at Wrigley Field, the night time concert triggers Wrigley Field night game parking restrictions.

This prohibits anyone without the proper Residential Parking Permit or RPP guest pass to park on any side streets in Lakevieww/Wrigleyville.

These restrictions begin at 5 PM and don’t be surprised if cops, ticket writers and tow trucks are in full force for these two nights of concerts.

A tow to the auto pound will cost you $160 and the ticket is an additional $60.

If you’re coming to the show, we advise taking public transportation, using legitimate parking garages or lots if you have to drive or the DeVry parking lot is a great alternative that provides a CTA bus to shuttle you to and from the event.

Also think about checking out–a new website that pairs drivers with people who have open spaces for rent–often at prices much less than surrounding lots.

3 Responses to Paul McCartney Comes To Wrigley Field, Plan On Parking Chaos Sunday & Monday

  1. david says:

    Aside from the significant increase of elderly people with Walkers, I am not sure how this is any different than a Cub Game…. well that and the significant decrease in Alcohol consumption.

  2. Jeff says:

    It is different since the street closures for concert nights aren’t noted on the yellow neighborhood signs, so some drivers may be taken by surprise.

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