City Of Chicago Boot Van Caught Parked Illegally

The back end of a DOR boot van blocks a driveway of a Roscoe Village gas station

Naughty, naughty!

An alert reader of this website snapped some photos of a Chicago Department of Revenue boot van parked blocking the driveway to the Speedway gas station on Damen Ave. at Roscoe last Friday afternoon at around 1:15 PM.

Frank C. was in Roscoe Village Friday when he saw the boot van pull up in front of the gas station in violation of Chicago municipal code 09-64-100(c) Park as to block Access to/or efficient use of Alley, Driveway, or Fire Lane. The violation carries a fine of $150 if a mere motorist tried to park in the same manner.

“The driver just pulled up, parked  the van blocking part of Speedway’s driveway and waltzed into the store to get a snack or drink,” explained Frank via email. “There were other legal parking spots just north of the gas station about 50 feet away where he could have parked–literally 25 steps from the gas station.”

But it is allowable under the law for a vehicle involved in the immobilization of vehicles to double park and park legally for the purposes of executing their duties. So we asked Frank if this was the case? Was the driver booting a car at the time?

“No way!”, sad Frank. “Unless he was booting a car parked inside the Speedway, there was no way this guy was involved in booting a car.”

7 Responses to City Of Chicago Boot Van Caught Parked Illegally

  1. DoR Employee says:

    Call it in to 744-Park.

    Madam Godzilla Loves to slap down the Employees for stuff like this.

  2. Fast Car says:

    Looks like they are straddling the bike lane too. Isn’t that a second violation?

  3. DoR Employee says:

    More than 12 inches from the curb as well…

  4. Pete says:

    Everybody knows the government is exempt from following its own laws, so report this all you want; nothing will come of it. What is the city going to do, ticket and boot its own booting van?

  5. Rinzler says:

    I’ve seen City Vehicles get ticketed. Just ask Capt. M Plate how they got their nickname.

  6. Remedy says:

    Don’t rush to conclusions. That was a laborer using a boot van for a quick stop.

  7. Remedy says:

    This is just the kind of things you see on the street. Civilians should get a “Behind the scenes” look at what goes on behind closed doors. A “Security Specialist” who shows up drunk on some days, “Forged” signatures on some issued tickets, more than half the employees punching in and THEN spend up to a half hour to park their cars, etc, etc…..If a city vehicle parked a few inches from the curb is “horrible” to the average citizen, they’d die of shock to hear the bigger problems.

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