Red Light Camera Violations Down In Naperville?

Red light camera violations in Naperville are falling according to the Daily Herald newspaper.

According to a report generated by the west suburban town, RLC violations have fallen significantly at three intersections.

At one intersection, Route 59 and North Aurora Road, red light tickets reportedly have dropped 65%. While Route 59 and Diehl Road has fallen by 42%, and the intersection of Ogden Avenue and Aurora Avenue are down 58%.

Interesting enough, Naperville claims crashes are down at some RLC intersections as well.

While Naperville seems to be proud of the reduction in red light camera violations, part of the decrease in violations could be linked to the city eliminating enforcement of all right turn on red violations at RLC intersections but one back in July 2010.

Naperville’s RLC study compared February to April 2009 with January to March 2011. In 2009, Naperville’s program enforced right turn on red, but not in 2011.

Naperville began their red light camera enforcement program at the very end of 2008.

Since right turn on red violations can account for a substantial percentage of total RLC violations within the municipalities where it’s enforced, this change in policy approved by the Naperville City Council may account for a significant part of the decreased violations the town is claiming.

The report also says that accidents involving vehicles and fixed objects increased at two intersections and minor accidents, (possibly rear end crashes) increased at the intersection of Route 59 and Diehl Road by 18%.

Read the Daily Herald’s full story, “Naperville red-light camera violations dropping.”

4 Responses to Red Light Camera Violations Down In Naperville?

  1. Greg says:

    I wonder if they’ll move them to another location like Chicago does when revenue starts dropping.

  2. BabaBooey says:

    I beat a ticket in Forest Park today. I examined the state law requiring cities to list the locations of cameras and noticed that FP didn’t have any listed. Explained this to the judge and all was thrown out. Pretty dam easy. They did not do their homework before setting up these cameras. Saved me $100. The state law regarding this stuff is 15 pages long there is bound to be other loop holes.

    Maybe someone should file a class action law suit to refund money to all of those ticketed in Forest Park prior to them setting up their camera scheme. I’d be pissed to find out I was scammed this way.

  3. Joe says:

    The intersection at aurora road and 59 is unfair. There is no light on the right side so if you have a semi truck next to you you cannot SEE the arrow or even the light. Even the camera cannot see the foreground light.

  4. [...] city council made a move back in July of 2010 that ultimately doomed the program. After complaints from residents that the system was unfair, [...]

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