Crosswalk Enforcement Sting Set For Downtown Wednesday Night

Chicago Police and the Chicago Department of Transportation bring their crosswalk enforcement initiative to the Gold Coast Wednesday night.

The intersection of LaSalle and Chestnut Streets will be ground zero tonight from 8 PM until 10 PM for crosswalk enforcement. This program undercover cops posing as pedestrians who step off the curb into a crosswalk to attempt crossing the street in front of an oncoming vehicle.

If the driver doesn’t come to a complete stop and allow the “pedestrian” to cross the street completely, the motorist can be ticketed and potentially fined $50 to $500.

Drive safe. Give pedestrians the right of way. Not only is it the law, but it’s the right way to drive. And to top it off–you avoid getting a ticket.

4 Responses to Crosswalk Enforcement Sting Set For Downtown Wednesday Night

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  2. sf says:

    This is complete BS!!! They did the same thing on Clark at Deming. Yes they gave tickets to motorist for not stopping for the “pedestrian” but she would just pop out into traffic and motorist would have to stop hard with a line of traffic behind them. Not only that but they weren’t giving pedestrian tickets for j-walking, WTF??? I even saw a pregnant lady 1) Park illegally and 2) J-walk into TRAFFIC! Man, it’s not just the motorist, cyclist or pedestrian it’s all of them. Granted, this video is of a NYC intersection but if you’ve been in one big city intersection then you’ve been in them all.

  3. Jeff says:

    I absolutely LOVE what the city of Chicago is doing by cracking down on pedestrians, drivers, and bicyclists. It sends a clear message: regardless of what mode of transportation you choose, if you don’t follow the rules, you will be cited. There is no bias except against those self-entitled assholes who think they’re above the law. Other cities should seriously follow this lead.

  4. Capt M Plate says:

    SF…I agree with you on the jaywalking issue….and the Police in this city are a bunch of babies when it comes to anything other than Rush Hour or Street Cleaning tickets.

    More than 1 copper has come running out of starbucks or a drycleaner while in their Personal Vehicle…”Hold it…I’m a cop.”

    My reply is ” Darn sir/ma’am…Its already printed. Here you are and please be safe When you’re actually working.”

    I ticketed the 43rd wards new alderwoman today…she was cussing up a storm left and right….until I asked her 1 simple question…

    “How are you entitled to park “improperly?” And show me the municipal code that says so.”

    Bentley with no front plate on an Expired meter and the rear plate is expired? Write all 3 and then do a City Sticker check…and write that one if deserved….then check the Tinting of the windows…and write that one if deserved.

    I’m a bastard while I’m working.
    I’ve ticketed Priests and Nuns and Rabbis and Ministers and Doctors and Nurses and the Poor and middle class and the Rich….

    Know why? Because we are all EQUAL under the LAWs of this city.

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