City Stickers Expire Today, But Not Really

Drivers Have Until July 15th To Buy Annual City Sticker

Lines snake out the door at 95th & Jeffrey earlier in the week

If  you happen to be reading your 2010-2011 city sticker on your windshield you may notice today, June 30th, is when it expires.

But don’t panic!

No need to rush out and stand in a long line to get your city sticker–there’s still time to get it.

While the city sticker officially expires on June 30th every year, the City Clerk’s office always gives drivers a 15 day grace period until July 15th to obtain and display their $75 vehicle sticker. Enforcement begins on July 16th.

Clerk’s Office spokesperson Kristine Williams does expect long lines today at City Hall and other city sales locations for in-person city sticker sales.

But the Clerk’s office don’t want you queing up for hours in line and suggests a few alternatives to standing in a painfully, slow moving line. Williams says there’s still time to order your sticker via the Clerk’s website.

“Avoid the lines! There is still time to buy online,” says Williams. “Orders placed by July 4 will be quickly processed and mailed so they are received well before the July 15 display deadline. Sit in air conditioning, watch your favorite TV show or put on some good music and take 5 minutes to buy your sticker online! ”

If you are one of those people who are compelled to buy your sticker in person she has tips for you.

“I also would encourage people to buy their sticker during off peak hours – during the lunch hour and the first hour of opening up are typically the busiest times of day for our office,” says Williams. “Finally, patience is key when buying a sticker in person. Remember there are 1.3 million people needing to buy a city sticker during a 6 week period. We are doing our best to take care of customers as quickly as possible and lines are moving faster than ever before.”

Another alternative to standing in line at a city facility is your local Currency Exchange or participating grocery store.

“There are more than 400 sales locations, including all currency exchanges and Dominick’s grocery stores,” Williams says. “We have done our very best to provide as many alternatives and options as possible so people can avoid the lines.”

11 Responses to City Stickers Expire Today, But Not Really

  1. Debra McKinney says:

    I recently received a ticket for $120.00 for not displaying a window sticker. I just moved back to the city last July. Why am I paying this amount for not having it please respond this is a valid email

  2. Debra McKinney says:

    Waiting on response

  3. DoR Employee says:


    If your a City Resident, and your vehicle is located by any of the myriad of Enforcement agencies in Chicago…and it does NOT have a Chicago City Sticker on the windshield… can be tickets for failing to obey the Chicago Wheel Tax emblem vehicle requirement.

    Before Feb 29th 2012, the Fine was 120.00 a day.
    As of Feb 29th, 2012, the Increase was applied…the Fine is now 200.00 a day.

    And let me say that again.

    200.00 PER DAY.

    We find you…we will ticket you. Department of Finance Street Operations Parking Enforcement Aides have been instructed to NOT give warnings for “No City Sticker” and to just print the ticket and let the vehicle owner deal with it.

    After 30 days residency in Chicago, all vehicles (regardless of registration) are required to Display on the Windshield, at the Lowest Point of the Right hand Side A Chicago City Sticker.

    Buy it. Avoid what is going to happen eventually……you will get caught again.

    City of Chicago Police, PEA’s, and City Clerks Enforcement Officers are legally authorized to enter Private Lots and Garages to inspect vehicles for City Stickers.

    Police will Run the VIN number off the Vehicle and Find out every location you have a State ID or Drivers License. Resident only Parking Lot and No Sticker? 200.00 ticket.

    The City’s Admin Law Officers have been recently Instructed to NOT Dismiss any City Sticker Tickets unless the vehicle owners Drivers License AND State ID are not for Chicago. They must Prove they don’t live in the City. And since PEA’s and CPD and Clerk officers Run the plates for Info from the Sec of State of Illinois…your changes of Beating it is Zero.

  4. Mary Brown says:

    I purchased my vehicle October 2012 I just got my license plate do I pay full price for the City Sticker if not how much?

  5. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Mary Brown,

    Check with the City Clerk’s office. Their website is:

  6. Pete says:

    Read between the lines here. If you keep your vehicle registered outside of Chicago AND you keep your license address outside of Chicago, no city sticker ticket will be valid. While some city employee troll might issue it anyway, it will be easily dismissed if it can be proven to not be a Chicago vehicle.

  7. Drew says:

    There are no pro-rated City Stickers as of yet.

    Full Price currently.

    And the Ordinance is “garaged/stored/kept within the city for more than 30 days.”

    Not “Registered to a City address.”

  8. ken cool says:

    my city sticker expired june 30,2012 and has ticket today for $200.00 is it correct or wrong that im having a ticket.

  9. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Ken Cool,

    Yes, you are liable for this ticket. It expired over 6 months ago. Get a new city sticker. Do it ASAP.

  10. Pete says:

    How exactly does one prove a vehicle is garaged in the city for 30 consecutive days? It seems easy to challenge this on a vehicle registered outside the city, as there would be no way of demonstrating where the vehicle actually stays overnight. I doubt the meter maid will be coming by 30 nights in a row to take a picture of it.

  11. Drew says:

    Pete…Every Ticket for No City Sticker issued to non-Chicago Registered vehicles is done by the CPD.

    Because they are everywhere every day all day every week and can track vehicles.

    Finance Street Ops rotates PEA’s on a Schedule…we are never in the exact same area 2 weeks in a row (and this in Not a Secret).

    But there are certain things that give PEA’s evidence that it’s been in the city long enough to legally ticket for no city sticker.

    Ran into a Car the other week while doing what I do…

    Had a Street Cleaning Ticket on it from 10/16/12…and Expired Plates on 11/15/12. And it’s now 2013. Easy 3 Tickets for productivity’s sake.

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