Red Light Camera Proposal Dies In DuPage County

Good news for drivers opposed to red light cameras.

West suburban DuPage County has all but killed off any chance red light cameras will come to county-controlled intersections in the near future, when the RLC measure was unanimously voted down in the county’s transportation committee Tuesday night according to the Daily Herald.

The two proposals discussed would have given DuPage municipalities to install RLCs at county-controlled intersections which had five or more crashes in the past year. About 120 intersections in the county met this standard. In one proposal, 25% of the revenue generated at an RLC, would have gone to the county.

On board member, according to the Herald piece, Jim Healy said he’d only agree to a red light camera program where 100% of the revenue would go into improving the quality and safety of the roads.

Here’s the Herald’s full story aptly titled, “DuPage puts brakes on red-light cameras.”

One Response to Red Light Camera Proposal Dies In DuPage County

  1. It’s a start. The concept of having the cameras prove their safety worth exposes their inherent traffic dangers.
    Now if Chicago is listening, Where’s their long overdue RLC statistics ???

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