Buy Your Chicago City Sticker Online & Win Lunch With City Clerk Mendoza

Clerk’s Office Launches Contest To Promote Online Sales

City Clerk Susana Mendoza is trying to make city sticker sales more fun.
No one enjoys the drudgery of having to cough up 75 bucks every spring for that tiny rectangular decal on the passenger side windshield.

So Mendoza hopes promote online sticker sales and inject some enjoyment to the process by sponsoring a contest to win lunch with the Clerk.

The Clerk’s office is offering drivers who purchase their city sticker online, a chance to win a catered lunch and tour of City Hall hosted by Clerk Mendoza.

A total of 10 motorists will win a spot at the catered event.

“We’re trying to make it a better experience for everyone,” says Kristine Williams, spokesperson for the City Clerk’s office. “It’s obviously not a fun task for everyone. We want to at least make it enjoyable and pleasant.”

Chicago’s new Clerk will also be popping up around the city during individual ward sales of city stickers. During the course of city sticker season, which runs from June 1st to June 30th, personnel from the Clerk’s office host city sticker sales at the community offices for each of Chicago’s 50 wards.

Clerk Mendoza plans to make an appearance at each ward sale.

You can purchase your city sticker and enter the contest for “Lunch With The Clerk,” at the Chicago City Clerk website.

8 Responses to Buy Your Chicago City Sticker Online & Win Lunch With City Clerk Mendoza

  1. Sheila Pacione says:

    Great idea Susana! I’m buyin on-line. I wanna see that green roof.

  2. RyanA says:

    What a self deluded xxxx.

  3. Juliana M says:

    I would love to have lunch with Susana Mendoza, but how about a reduced price for those that buy the city sticker online?? That would really motivate people to buy it online. In these trying times, where people are struggling with their finances, the reduced price would be a great benefit not only for the residents of Illinois but also for the city as buying the sticker online would reduce overhead costs for the city.

  4. [...] pair of tickets for the Fire/Man U game adds one more prize to the Clerk’s ongoing contest where 10 drivers would win a catered lunch with the new Clerk and a personally guided tour of City [...]

  5. Irena says:

    Very disappointed. Purchased 2 parking stickers on-line on May 25th. One of them received, another one – no due to system error during purchasing. Charged for 2. E-mailed city clerk, they replied that I have to notarize affidavit and go to City Clerk Office, wait in loooong lines to get replacement. Strange… Why I have to do all this staff because of someone’s mistake? What was the point of buying on-line to avoid those terrible lines?
    Was trying to find out what wrong over the phone but the lady just yelled at me saying that they are busy. But it’s not my fault. I was trying to keep them less busy and purchased the stickers on-line…
    Now they keep me very busy…
    Very bad customer service!!!!!!!
    I’d rather spend $6 more and buy stickers at currency exchange with no problem.

  6. Martha Szczesny says:

    I found your website very unfriendly to be used. I tried to buy my city stiker on line but I was not able to access that page. I only saw your picture on all the lists of services you said you provide. You need to change your web page.

  7. Spike says:

    Martha, you uneducated idiot….this is not the city’s website. This is a blog that comments on various city services. Sorry you have a third grade education. Maybe your social worker can go buy a sticker for you.

  8. William Kinnison says:

    Needed 3 stickers..There was no way to indicate that 1 sticker was for a senior. 2, Keep trying to put in the correct plate #, but system would never reconize correct plate #. Very,very disapointed.

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