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ALERT!: Cubs Night Game This Evening At Wrigley

The Chicago Cubs try to even up the series against the Houston Astros after yesterday’s loss tonight at 7:05 PM at Wrigley Field.

This night game, of course, means parking restrictions for street parking around Wrigley Field go into effect at 5 PM.

We encourage all our readers to make sure they have fled the Lakeview area well before 5 PM.

Remember, if you’re caught parking on a side street with zone 383 residential permit parking restrictions (which is the entirety of the 44th ward) or LV-2 signs, without the proper RPP stickers or guest passes, you flirt with being ticketed and towed.

Not fun.

Trying To Avoid Paying Parking Tickets, Oak Park Man Charged With Forgery

Denoris Brown owed Oak Park $3,500 in parking tickets.

Brown tried to get out of paying his tickets by claiming he had recently filed for bankruptcy according to Oak Park-River Forest Patch.

But when Oak Park officials tried to verify the bankruptcy documents he presented, they figured out pretty quick these were forged documents.

Now Brown is facing forgery charges.

It would have been cheaper to pay the tickets.

SpotHero Gets Some Media Attention

Local ‘heroes’ ease parking problems from Kaitlin Meehan on Vimeo.

Our friends over at SpotHero are getting close to launching their new, online marketplace to help pair Chicagoans with parking spaces with drivers looking for a place to park.

Just recently, Medill News Service did a news story about the soon to debut service.

ALERT!: Lake Shore Drive Closed Sunday Morning

If you’re on your way to church, or brunch or just want to take a drive along Lake Shore Drive this Sunday morning, you are going to have to find a different route.

That’s because the entire 15 miles of Lake Shore Drive will be closed to motor vehicle traffic for the annual Bike The Drive event on Sunday, May 29th from 5 AM until 10 AM.

Thousands of bike riders will don their helmets, mount their bicycles and ride the length of Lake Shore Drive from 57th Street on the south and Bryn Mawr on the north.

For more info, check out the Bike the Drive website.

Stepped Up Enforcement For Memorial Day Weekend

As you head out on your weekend driving adventures this weekend, please be extra vigilant while driving.

That’s because Illinois state troopers, along with local police and law enforcement from surrounding states, will have an increased presence on the roads this weekend.

You can be sure law enforcement everywhere will be looking for speeders, but also for seat belt violations and now in Illinois, there’s the promise of a crackdown on texting while driving. Of course, they’ll also be looking out for drivers who have over-celebrated.

Less Construction, Higher Gas Prices Could Lighten Holiday Traffic

Traffic Reporters Share Tips On Smooth Holiday Travel

Simply put, traffic usually sucks for the Memorial Day Holiday.
Considered one of the year’s biggest driving weekends, the exodus out of the city on Friday and the return back to town Monday can be painfully slow and frustrating.

However, traffic for the Memorial Day holiday may be lighter this year for two reasons.

Gas prices and less construction.

Great ‘Hacked’ Traffic Sign

"Rapture Ahead" photo by Hitchespost

Last weekend, the Rapture, the Biblical day of judgment, was going down last weekend–at least according to some Christian preachers.

Embarrassingly for these end of the world prognosticators, the Rapture didn’t happen.

One local observer of the local scene, Hitchenspost over at Windy Citizen captured this great photo of what seems to be a hacked traffic sign along Sheridan Road.

A great photo and a very funny and timely prank.

Thanks to Hitchenspost and Windy Citizen.

Randolph St. At Wacker Drive Reopens Friday

Randolph Street has been closed to traffic since January for the Wacker Drive rehab project.

Traffic on Randolph near Wacker, and especially west of the Loop, has been a mess ever since.

But on Friday, May 27th, two west bound lanes will reopen to vehicle traffic just before rush hour, making it the first of seven intersections of the Revive Wacker Drive project to do so, according to the project’s website.

Buy Your Chicago City Sticker Online & Win Lunch With City Clerk Mendoza

Clerk’s Office Launches Contest To Promote Online Sales

City Clerk Susana Mendoza is trying to make city sticker sales more fun.
No one enjoys the drudgery of having to cough up 75 bucks every spring for that tiny rectangular decal on the passenger side windshield.

So Mendoza hopes promote online sticker sales and inject some enjoyment to the process by sponsoring a contest to win lunch with the Clerk.

The Clerk’s office is offering drivers who purchase their city sticker online, a chance to win a catered lunch and tour of City Hall hosted by Clerk Mendoza.

A total of 10 motorists will win a spot at the catered event.

Costco Breaks Ground On Lincoln Park Gas Station

Big box discount retailer Costco is bringing low priced gas to Chicago according to Reuters.

Construction crews recently broke ground for the addition of gas pumps at the Lincoln Park Costco located at the intersection of Clybourn, Damen and Diversey.