Cubs Kick Off Night Game Schedule With Two Games

Tips, Info, Advice On Avoiding Being  Towed In Wrigleyville

The Chicago Cub’s bring parking and traffic chaos back to Wrigleyville tonight with the kickoff of their 2011 night game schedule.

In fact, Monday night is the first of a pair of night games versus the San Diego Padres which bring heavy parking restrictions to the northside Lakeview neighborhood.

Enforcement begins at 5 PM and runs through 10 PM.

City ticket writers and tow trucks will be out in full force this evening  ticketing and towing cars parked on area residential streets not displaying the proper residential parking permits or RPP guest passes.

Make sure your vehicle is not one of them.

Here’s The Expired Meter’s reference guide to making sure you don’t get caught unaware.

First, it’s important to be aware of the dates listed below, because non-residents are not allowed to park on residential streets within the zone and you could be ticketed and towed.

Just to be clear. You WILL be ticketed and towed. The city puts a virtual army of ticket writers and tow trucks on patrol throughout the entire zone. Stay the hell out of the neighborhood on the evenings of Cub’s night games.

Put these dates on your calendar or in your phone’s datebook.

Chicago Cubs’ 2011 Night Game Schedule

April 18, 19, 25, 26

May 10, 11, 14, 24, 25, 31

June 13, 14, 15, 28, 29

July 14, 18, 19

August 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 21 (TBD)  22, 23, 24

September 6, 7, 17 (TBD), 19, 20


Here’s a map of the area where parking is restricted during Cub’s night games.

The zone’s boundaries are approximately Lake Shore Drive on the east, Ravenswood (just west of Ashland) on the west, Belmont on the south and Montrose on the north. The zone is not quite symmetrical, so make sure you check the signs on some of the boundary areas because I know there are exceptions to the zone I just outlined.

This zone is designated LV-2 or just 383 in the 44th Ward. In order to park on streets in this zones and marked by the proper signs, your vehicle must display a valid LV-2 Night Ball Game Permit or a Chicago city sticker with the 383 residential parking permit.

If you are a resident in the area, you need to get your butt down to Ald. Tunney’s 44th Ward Office and get your LV-2 sticker. Make sure you bring proof of residence, a valid ID and proof of city vehicle sticker. The 44th Ward office is at 1057 W. Belmont Ave.

Here is some more info on the LV-2 Parking Permit.

On the day of a night game, enforcement begins at 5 PM and ends at 10 PM. We suggest not coming into the area on those days at all if you can all but help it.

If not, make sure you are parked at a metered spot, in a private parking lot or on private property or just get the hell out of there by 4:59 PM.

If you need some parking tips for coming to the Cubs’ game, here’s some handy dandy tips.

This is a brutally enforced parking zone. You are not just ticketed, but you most likely be towed. The ticket costs $50 and the tow will cost you $160 or more. Holy Cow!

But also pay attention to parking along Addison St. during night games (see photo above). There’s already rush hour parking westbound on Addison from 4-6. But on the evening of Cub’s night games, you cannot park on that street from 4 PM until 11PM.

4 Responses to Cubs Kick Off Night Game Schedule With Two Games

  1. .Q says:

    I know that enforcement is enhanced within the game parking zone, but how different is this zone within the Chicago Municipal Code? According to the “Parking Your Motorcycle or Scooter in Chicago” brochure ( published by the Department of Revenue, “Motorcycles and Scooters may park in resedential parking zone without displaying a permanent or visitor residential parking permit.”

    If the night game zone is no different (except in vigilence of enforcement) from other residential zones do you believe this would allow motorcycles and scooters to park within the zone worry free? Or at least with a respectable chance of getting any ticket non-suited?

  2. Eliza says:

    Thanks for this info; the salon I go to is is by Ashland & Addison and I stupidly made an appointment for tomorrow. I was trying to access the map you mention but there is no link; can you re post?

  3. glg says:

    Eliza – I *think* you’re okay. I’ve never seen the LV2 signs on Ashland itself. I just took a look with google maps and didn’t see any there either. However, depending on your appointment time, you may want to reschedule just to not have to deal with all the traffic in the area.

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