Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf Face Poor Sales, Reviews

Electric cars have been receiving a lot of hype these days.

With the Obama administration pushing green energy initiatives, and a pro-environment movement pushing against traditional internal combustion engines, several car manufacturers have been working toward producing all electric vehicles.

This list includes the Ford Focus, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Roadster, and the Mitsubishi i MiEV.

But so far, at least for the Leaf and Volt, sales have been sluggish. Really sluggish.

According to AutoblogGreen, GM sold just 281 Volts and Nissan was even more disappointing selling only 67.

In total, the Volt has sold 928 nationwide, with the Leaf has sold 173 thus far.

Although, if one looks at global sales, the Leaf wins hands down selling 3,657 to Volt’s 928.

Perhaps it has been poor reviews by such trusted publications like Consumer Reports that has stifled sales figures.

According to a piece in USA Today, the April issue of Consumer Reports says the range for both cars is significantly less than what the manufacturers claim. The Volt comes in between 23-28 miles per battery charge as opposed to the 25-50 miles touted by GM. Nissan does a little better with the Leaf getting an average 65 miles to a charge, but not the 100 miles the company states.

In addition, the cost per mile is not as great as the company is claiming.

The Volt goes for about $48,000 and the Leaf will set you back only $35,000.

The City of Chicago has recently committed to a $1.9 million contract with 350 Green LLC to build 280 electric vehicle charging stations around the city and suburbs.

7 Responses to Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf Face Poor Sales, Reviews

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  2. Rich Pelch says:

    Goodness, wasn’t the marketing group around when they were advised of 25~30 miles per charge. This would scare all but the bravest of women and many men. What happens when a snowstorm, traffic jam, just getting lost or forgetting to charge the vehicle at night takes place? My wife has a 20 gallon tank in her conventional vehicle and when the tank gets just below half she panics. She would never take an electric vehicle out as I suspect many men would either without locking in on a destination and checking the weather days in advance. Please, don’t waste any more government “our” money on something that is not practical.

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  4. Hal says:

    I am puzzled by comments that both the Leaf and Volt lack sales. Both GM and Nissan don’t have enough cars produced to satisfy demand. In Portland where I live, the demand is substantially greater than supply. Wilsonville Nissan has a waiting list of 110 customers for the Leaf. They only had enough cars to deliver 18. Beaverton Nissan has a waiting list of 60 customers for the Leaf. They only got 10 cars to deliver. It seems the boats are a little slow from Japan.

  5. Drew says:


    Where in the Midwest are you going to find places that can deliver a Fast Charge to cars of this type?

    There are not enough charging stations on the West Coast either and most intelligent people know this.

    Japanese Car companies are not shipping them over here in quantity because the potential consumers do not have a reliable ‘refueling option.’

    I’d prefer the Hydrogen Powered car myself….

  6. Mac says:

    When you make predictions way too early, you get a report like this trash. Nissan can not keep up with demand. And at this time, there are more than 12,000 charging stations in place. Just download plugshare and look. Also, for the idiot talking about being stuck in a traffic jam, car not moving, not using a lot of juice. And MANY have gotten over 100 miles out of a charge. Depends on temp and driving habits. If you an idiot, you will only get 62 miles per charge, Sensible drivers will get much more. Just read a lot of reviews and you will see how bad this reporter is.

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