Parking Meter Politics Play Role In Aldermen Races

Opponents Try To Blame Waguespack For Meter Deal?

Humorous SEIU flier supporting Ald. Waguespack

Only five aldermen voted against the parking meter lease deal back in December of 2008.

This short list was comprised of Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd), Leslie Hairston (5th), Toni Preckwinkle (4th), Rey Colon (35th) and Billy Ocasio (26th)

Since then, Ocasio left his aldermanic post to join Gov. Quinn’s team as a senior adviser and Preckwinkle was elected to President of the Cook County Board.

All three of the remaining alderman, Waguespack, Colon and Hairston are campaigning on their no vote, which seems to be resonating with a public still angry about Mayor Daley’s meter lease deal.

In particular, Waguespack has campaign signs and literature boasting of his no vote, as well as SEIU PAC has produced mailers supporting Waguespack and his anti-meter lease deal vote.

One in particular is designed to look like the front of a parking meter paybox  but replaced the dollar amount needed to purchase an hour of meter time with cartoon drawings of an arm and a leg.

In another, the paybox is portrayed as a robotic monster shaking down motorists for quarters.

But what in what can only be called humorous irony, all three of the Waguespack’s opponents, Brian Gorman, David Pavlik and Brian Lynch have been trying to lay the blame for the meter lease deal squarely on the shoulders of the first term alderman.

At the January 5th candidate forum held at Wicker Park Lutheran Church on January 5th these candidates claim Waguespack could have invoked a virtually unknown rule called “deem and pass” to stop the deal from moving forward and allow 30 additional days to debate the issue.

Waguespack, who loudly opposed the lease deal, is both amused but angry at the allegations.

“I just kept laughing at the debates when they said it,” said Waguespack. “But people aren’t believing it. Those three guys are part of the old vein of machine politics. If you want to believe these outright lies, I could refute these allegations all night long, but we’re trying to talk about the issues.”

Colon too has mailers touting his opposition to the lease deal as well and seems to be hoping to ride this issue to re-election.

However, in the 1st ward race, someone is trying to link alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno to the meter lease deal–even though he didn’t hold office until after the deal was done.

Moreno was appointed alderman in the 1st ward after Manny Flores stepped down from his post to become chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission in January of 2010.

The orange and black postcard resembles a parking ticket, riddled with spelling and grammatical errors points out Flores voted for the deal but somehow makes the feeble connection to Moreno through a spending vote the alderman made after the fact.

“We think it’s pathetic and sad that someone would stoop so low and outright lie,” says Moreno’s Director of Communication Matt Bailey. “And someone needs to make better use of their spell checker.”

3 Responses to Parking Meter Politics Play Role In Aldermen Races

  1. Maura Josephs says:

    Why didn’t Waguespack or any of the other opposing alderman use the “deem and pass”? It isn’t a lie if you can’t defend your reasoning or inaction to a valid point. Can you answer my question Wags or do I have to call 311 for that too?

  2. Rinzler says:

    The reason why no one invoked the “deem and pass” is because the scenario here would not been applicable. Also, I would suggest you actually look up the rule. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Ald. Waguespack was smart not to take the bait.

  3. Yoli Ocampo says:

    I can’t see how so many Wards other than my own sat on their rear ends and let the incumbents get rewarded with another term. I’m from the 25th Ward and we’re fighting hard to get rid of the Rubber Stamp Solis for his part in the rape of this city and our pockets. There was a great parking ticket piece in our ward that mad me mad to the point of voting early and taking people to vote.
    Wish I could scan the ticket to you all, just look around you’ll surely find them again.

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