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NYC Restarts Parking Meter Privatization

Hey Morgan Stanley!

It’s seems like another major American city is looking to sell off their parking meter system according to Bloomberg News and other sources.

And this time it’s right in your front yard–New York City!

Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith (former mayor of Indianapolis) is the one floating the idea on behalf of the Bloomberg Administration.

NBC 5 Looks Into ‘Rash’ Of Parking Tickets

Some people think the city has beefed up its ticket writing to raise more revenue.

That’s the thesis of an NBC 5 piece Wednesday night.

Lisa Parker’s piece spotlights a woman who was ticketed for parking a vehicle taller than 6′ less than 20 feet from a crosswalk–an obscure violation meant more for commercial vehicles than passenger vehicles.

Driver Kelly Martin, fought the ticket using manufacturer data to prove her Mistibushi Endeavor is actually only 5′ 10″ tall but was still found liable for the ticket.

Two Years Later, Still No Answers From City On Police Parking Ticket Plot

It’s hard to believe it’s taking so long.

But, that’s the way the Chicago Police Department works when cops are caught doing bad things. They dig their heels in and hope people will forget.

But Mark Geinosky is not forgetting, nor giving up according to the Chicago Tribune’s Jon Yates.

You may not remember Geinosky, but over two years ago he started receiving all sorts of parking tickets for places his car never had been.

Analyst: Chicago, Nation On Pace To Reach Record High Gas Prices This Summer

Local Prices Could Exceed $4.35 A Gallon By Summer

If trends continue, Chicago could see record gas prices this summer according to one petroleum pricing expert.

With tensions in the Middle East rising every day, forcing the price of a barrel of oil to $100 and above, consequently prices are also jumping at area gas stations.

Already, gas prices locally and nationally have been steadily inching up for the past few months, setting monthly records. Generally speaking, gas prices begin rising in March and peak during the summer.

All these indicators have at petroleum pricing expert Patrick DeHaan concerned about the possibility of Chicago and the rest of the nation experiencing gas prices at levels never seen before

New $1.1 Million Italian ‘Super-Car’ Coming To U.S.

The $1.1 million Pagini Huayra

If you’ve got an extra $1.1 million burning a hole in your pocket, the Pagini Huayra might be the car for you according to USA Today.

This Italian “Super-Car” with 700 horse power and boasting a top speed of 230 mph is finally coming to the U.S.

Go Out & Vote Today! But Park Legally

It’s election day in Chicago.

So what are you waiting for?

Go out and vote!

But first, check out The Expired Meter’s list of political endorsements.

You also may want to consult Cook County Campaign For Liberty’s candidate survey results which shows which aldermanic candidates supporting the repeal of Chicago’s red light camera program.

The Expired Meter encourages all its readers to find your local polling place and exercise your right to vote.

It’s everyone’s civic duty to make your voice heard at the ballot box.

Expired Meter 2011 Election Endorsements

The Expired Meter, Chicago’s only website dedicated to driving and parking news and issues, has endorsements for Tuesday’s election

The endorsements pertain to the issues of parking and driving only. We do not believe that any educated voter should make their voting decision based on just one issue. However, we do believe the topics we cover here are important one and a Chicago or Chicago area politician needs to have a good understanding of these issues.

Mayor: Miguel del Valle

Of the four major mayoral candidates left in the race, only Miguel del Valle has the background, experience and vision to address parking and driving issues that challenge Chicago.

Parking Meter Politics Play Role In Aldermen Races

Opponents Try To Blame Waguespack For Meter Deal?

Humorous SEIU flier supporting Ald. Waguespack

Only five aldermen voted against the parking meter lease deal back in December of 2008.

This short list was comprised of Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd), Leslie Hairston (5th), Toni Preckwinkle (4th), Rey Colon (35th) and Billy Ocasio (26th)

Since then, Ocasio left his aldermanic post to join Gov. Quinn’s team as a senior adviser and Preckwinkle was elected to President of the Cook County Board.

All three of the remaining alderman, Waguespack, Colon and Hairston are campaigning on their no vote, which seems to be resonating with a public still angry about Mayor Daley’s meter lease deal.

In particular, Waguespack has campaign signs and literature boasting of his no vote, as well as SEIU PAC has produced mailers supporting Waguespack and his anti-meter lease deal vote.

Tribute To Death Of Dibs Deadline

Time’s up!

Get your crap off the darn street!

Friday was the deadline the city gave city drivers using any foreign object to “reserve” their recently snow shoveled parking spot to remove their junk.

Streets & Sanitation will start removing all this flotsam and jetsam off post haste.

In honor of the end of “dibs”, we have a collection of interesting articles and websites devoted to this quaint or annoying (depending on your point of view) tradition.

Let’s kickoff our tribute with a frighteningly comprehensive history of this so-called tradition by the Chicago Reader’s Straight Dope columnist Cecil Adams.

Red Light Cameras Hot Issue In 2011 Election

Chicago is the red light camera capital of the U.S.

But it’s citizens may not be happy with this designation based on the number of political candidates officially opposed to the city’s RLC program.

Local pro-liberty group, Cook County Campaign for Liberty reports 85% of respondents to the group’s recent survey are opposed to the $100 tickets given out at the select 190 traffic intersections citywide.