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Ald. Moreno Brings Driver Seminar To 1st Ward

Chgo. Driver Survival Seminar Set For Saturday, Feb. 5th

Alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno is bringing the Chicago Driver Survival Seminar to the 1st ward this coming Saturday, February 5th from 11 AM to 1:30 PM.

This FREE event will be held at Moonshine Bar & Restaurant located at 1824 W. Division Street in the Wicker Park neighborhood. Food and drink will be available during the seminar.

The Chicago Driver Survival Seminar is a two and a half hour motorist education boot camp to arm Chicago drivers with the basic tools of avoiding and fighting parking tickets, understanding and avoiding red light camera tickets, dealing with speeding and other traffic tickets, keeping the Denver boot off your car and keeping drivers up to speed on recent changes to driving laws.

San Francisco Considers Parking Permits For Nannies?

Only in San Francisco.

It seems a bunch of “well organized” mothers in the city by the bay think they need special residential parking permits for their nannies according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

San Francisco has an RPP program similar to Chicago’s, which restricts parking on certain streets to residents with city stickers with the proper permit. But San Francisco’s program doesn’t extend the resident’s parking privileges to people employed by the household.

The mommies think it’s important that their child’s caregiver have easy access to their car so they can take their precious Johnny or Janie to their weekly squash lesson or the country club. Without the special parking pass, nannies with car have to move their vehicle every two hours or face a $65 ticket.

The Geek’s Believe It Or Don’t: Three Wards In City Completely Free Of Parking Meters

Believe it or don’t.

There are actually wards in the City of Chicago that don’t have any parking meters.

Three wards in fact.

The 18th, 21st,  and 34th.

All three wards are clustered together in the far southside of the city.

It’s not really surprising or a coincidence that these three wards don’t have any parking meters. Unlike more prosperous and traffic congested wards in Chicago, these three wards, which host such troubled neighborhoods as Ashburn, West Pullman,  and Roseland, are  not considered to have healthy retail  areas which may require parking meters to manage the parking environment.

Geek Does OTL Radio Thursday Morning

When Outside The Loop Radio’s Mike Stephen heard the Geek was at a police station Tuesday night, he thought it was the perfect place for a short interview.

The Geek and Barnet Fagel were holding a Chicago Driver Survival Seminar (DSS) at the brand new 23 District Police Station hosted by 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney that night, so Stephen popped in to check things out.

Thursday morning on Outside the Loop Radio, Stephen and I talk about the upcoming DSS events, Chicago’s #1 ranking in traffic congestion and the record high cost of gas prices in the city.

Video: Stolen Taxi Crashes During Police Chase

Suspect Caught After Stealing, Crashing Taxi, Leading Chase:

It started in Rosemont.

But it ended with a crash on the northside of Chicago.

Parking Tickets, Politics & Rahm

Victor Rowans wanted to run for alderman in the 27th ward.

Unfortunately for Rowan, an unpaid $60 parking ticket got him knocked off the ballot, according to the Sun-Times Mary Mitchell.

For those of you not up to speed on election law, you can’t run for office in Chicago, if you owe the city any money for anything–even a single parking ticket.

But Rowan didn’t really even own the car in question. He had co-signed on the loan for the car, presumably as a favor for a friend or relative.

But, rules are rules, right?

Now Chicago watches and waits for the Illinois Supreme Court to rule if Rahm Emanuel can stay on the ballot for mayor.

Luckily for Rahm, his past two years living in Washington DC have keep him off Chicago’s streets, parking ticket free, with a good shot of staying on the ballot and becoming Chicago’s next mayor.

Illinois Gas Prices Hit Record High For January

In just one month, average Illinois gas prices have jumped $.16 per gallon–the highest prices ever for the month of January according to AAA Chicago’s gas price tracking website, Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

“Oil prices are trading at nearly $90 per barrel, which is having an enormous effect on the price of gasoline at the pump,” said Beth Mosher, director of public affairs for AAA Chicago via press release. “Unfortunately, at least in the near-term, consumers should get used to paying these high prices at the pump.”

Cook County’s average gas prices was even higher than the state average, jumping $.18 in the last month to an average $3.37 per gallon of regular gasoline.

While U.S. petroleum refiners are at near record production levels, worldwide global demand for oil is pushing up the cost of crude according to the American Petroleum Institute.

Frightening Video Of A Jackknifing Semi


Study: Chicago Ranks #1 In Traffic Congestion

Break out the foam finger.

Chicago is #1 once again.

Not only does Chicago have the highest downtown parking meter rates in the nation, the highest gas prices in the country and can brag it’s the red light camera capital of the U.S., it now can boast having the worst traffic congestion of any U.S. city.

Actually, it’s tied with Washington D.C.

Every year, the Texas Transportation Institute’s Urban Mobility Study analyzes traffic data for major cities all over the United States.

While Chicago has held the number three spot for half a decade, moved into second in 2008 and then 2009 it jumped into the number one spot along with Washington D.C.

City Sticker Winner Honored At Reception

Suthida Lestpanichphan stands before her winning city sticker design

Suthida Lestpanichphan is not used to being in the spotlight.

A gang of reporters armed with microphones and tape recorders surround her, asking her questions in the bright lights of the TV cameras in a room behind Chicago’s City Council chambers on the second floor of City Hall Thursday morning.

But that’s the kind of attention you get when your entry into the City Clerk’s annual city sticker design contest beats out 400 other high school students and will wind up on 1.3 million Chicago vehicles for 2011-2012.

Yet the 17-year old, who just came to Chicago from her native Thailand 18 months ago is handling all the attention pretty well, calmly answering reporters questions like a seasoned politician.

Lestpanichphan,  a junior at St. Gregory the Great, says her parents who are back in Thailand were thrilled with her victory.

“They were so excited,” Lestpanichphan explained standing in front of a large posterboard with her winning design printed on it. “They were telling everyone they knew. It’s  big thing with her family. They’re very proud of me.”