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Red Light Camera Revenue Dropping?

In some suburbs, red light camera enforcement may not be the money making machine it was thought to be according to a recent Chicago Tribune article.

The newspaper surveyed three communities, including Libertyville, which estimated it would bring in $460,000 in the first year. But, in the first six months, the program has generated just under $32,000.

Why the discrepancy? Probably because Libertyville doesn’t use RLC to enforce right turn on red violations.

Professor Rajiv Shah gets quoted in the story saying 70 to 80% of RLC violations and revenue come from right turn on red infractions.

REMINDER: Chgo. Driver Survival Seminar Tuesday

Still Time To Sign Up, But Remaining Seats Going Fast

Just a quick reminder to readers.

There’s still time and a few open seats available for Tuesday night’s very first Chicago Driver Survival Seminar at DeVry.

Please RSVP if you want to attend so we have a seat for you.

It should be informative and fun.

Look forward to seeing you there.

For more information

Winter Overnight Parking Ban Begins December 1st

Ban Starts Early Wed. Morning 3 AM, Move Cars Tues. Night

While most non-critical Chicago employees were given the day after Thanksgiving off, some city workers spent Friday and Saturday distributing fliers.

Workers for the Bureau of Traffic Services had the job of leaving fliers on the windshield of every car parked along 107 miles of  Chicago streets impacted by the city’s winter overnight parking ban which starts Wednesday, December 1st at 3 AM.

But despite their efforts, and the best efforts of the Department of Streets & Sanitation to get the word out in the media,  hundreds of drivers will wake up Wednesday morning to find, shockingly, their cars have disappeared overnight.

To the dismay of these drivers, a city tow truck has delivered their vehicle to one of the city’s auto pounds, where vehicle owners get the added insult of having to pay a $160 for being towed with a bonus of a $50 parking ticket.

Geek Joins Nick D Show Tonight At 7

UPDATE: If you missed the show tonight, you can listen to the Nick D. podcast.

Thanks Andy!

Geek radio fave Nick Digilio, kicks off his new earlier start time tonight at 7 PM on WGN radio.

And intellectually challenged Parking Ticket Geek gets to christen the new time slot from 7-8 PM.

Nick D. and the Geek will be talking about the upcoming Chicago Driver Survival Seminar, city stickers, the start of Chicago’s winter overnight parking ban and a bunch of other driving and parking related issues.

Tune in WGN 720 AM or stream it live here.

Jesse White Cracking Down On Drivers Abusing Handicapped Parking On “Black Friday”

Secretary Of State Police Will Be Out At Malls Statewide

Holiday shoppers looking to take advantage of “Black Friday” sales need to be careful parking today.

Unless you’re legally entitled to, don’t even think about pulling your car into a handicapped spot, just because the rest of the parking lot is full.

Because Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White will be watching.

White is coordinating an enforcement effort at shopping malls all over the state to focus extra scrutiny on handicapped accessible scofflaws.

Spend Thanksgiving Morning With A Real Turkey

Ya like turkey?

While that big, fat, juicy bird in the oven is starting to make the house smell like Thanksgiving, tune into Outside the Loop Radio to hear a real turkey–the Parking Ticket Geek.

OTL’s host Mike Stephen invited the Geek on this week’s show to talk about the upcoming Chicago Driver Survival Seminar.

Here all the details starting at 10 AM on WLUW 88.7 FM, or you can stream it live here.

We wish all our readers a great Thanksgiving. Eat a lot, enjoy your family and friends and give thanks for living in the greatest nation on earth.

And please, drive safe.

Holiday Traffic A Turkey This Thanksgiving

Take a couple of million cars,  stir in some crappy weather, add a dash of rain and sleet and you have a traffic nightmare.

That’s essentially what Chicago’s traffic was like today with hundreds of thousands of Chicago area residents driving somewhere for the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Normally high holiday traffic was made even worse by rain and sleet that sporadically pelted Chicago area highways and streets just as the Thanksgiving holiday travel weekend kicked off, extending travel times everywhere.

Other Cities Learn From Chicago’s Meter Mistakes

My three year old stood at the top of the tall, inflatable slide.

He and a group of his buddies coalesced at the top, looking down at the bottom so far away, trying to screw up the courage to be the first to try it.

“You go first,” my son’s friend said.

That’s what little children say to each other when there’s something new to try or experience.

If the first kid survives that new challenge, the rest will follow. If something bad happens, the others adjust their behavior.

Chicago was the first city to take that leap of faith in privatizing it’s parking meter system.

ALERT!: Flash Flooding For Tonight’s Commute

Beware of viaducts.

The storm hitting the city is putting a lot of water on the streets and it’s collecting under bridges, viaducts and other low lying areas.

Of course this is having an impact on the rush hour.

Drive at, or under the speed limit just to be safe.

Be careful, get home in one piece.

Ald. Waguespack, Expired Meter Announce Seminar On Fighting Chicago Parking Tickets

Free Educational Event Is First Of Its Kind In Chicago

The Expired Meter is proud to announce the very first Chicago Driver Survival Seminar presented by Alderman Scott Waguespack (32nd) on Tuesday, November 30th.

This free class will teach Chicago drivers the basics of: avoiding and contesting parking tickets, red light camera tickets, speeding tickets and other moving violations, keeping the Denver boot off your car and updating attendees on new driving laws that effect pedestrian and biking safety, and much more.

The Driver Survival Seminar is the very first event of its kind in Chicago and perhaps the nation with the sole purpose of educating and empowering motorists to protect themselves from these issues that challenge drivers every day on the streets of the city.