Red Light Camera Roundup

GEEK EDITOR’S NOTE: Red Light Camera Roundup, is a breezy briefying of news and information on red light camera enforcement in the greater Chicagoland area and beyond.

Lakemoor Speeds Toward RLC Enforcement

The village board of the Village of Lakemoor, in Lake County, according to the Daily Herald, heard a presentation from red light camera company SafeSpeed, LLC on August 26th.

The trustees will meet again on Thursday, September 9, to vote on whether to hire SafeSpeed to analyze and install RLCs on Route 12 and Route 120 in their town.

According to the article, Route 12 already has many red light cameras throughout Lake County including
Deer Park, Kildeer, Lake Zurich, Wauconda and Fox Lake.

Des Plaines Moving Forward With Red Light Cameras Despite Mayor’s Opposition

Mayor Marty Moylan is opposed to installing red light cameras in Des Plaines, but he wasn’t mayor when the the city council approved the program in 2009 according to a Daily Herald report.

RedSpeed will be installing cameras at two intersections. The first will be at Golf & Rand Roads, and the second to be determined.

Redflex Leaving Indiana

This is old news, but good news for drivers.

While Indiana currently does not have red light camera enforcement, RLC companies like Redflex and others have been spending time and money in the state trying to convince politicians of the necessity of this type of camera enforcement.

In fact, Redflex spent over $54,000 lobbying Indiana lawmakers in 2009 according to the Northwest Indiana Times, but came up empty handed.

But just recently, Redflex has decided to not renew it’s registration as a lobbyist in Indiana.

It seems Indiana is safe, at least for now, from red light camera enforcement.

Hat tip to Steven Haas, traffic reporter from News Radio 780 AM for the story.

Wheeling Red Light Cameras Staying Put

Despite a mini-revolt in the Wheeling Village Board by two trustees to get rid of the two RLCs currently in the town, they couldn’t convince the majority of the board to come along for the ride, according to the Daily Herald.

The pro-RLC contingent points to the mild reduction in accidents at the two intersections in question and to the $500,000 in revenue Wheeling has brought in since April of 2009.

Plus, citizens are not really complaining. Mainly because only 13% of all red light camera tickets are being issued to Wheeling residents. 87% are being sent to drivers who live out of town.

Minneapolis Suing Redflex For $3 Million

Last month the City of Minneapolis sued to recover a potential 3 million bucks from Redflex, the company that handled the red light camera program for the city since 2005, according to The

That’s because back in 2009, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled the city’s red light camera program was unconstitutional and had to refund money to over 14,000 drivers and ended up $2.6 million out of pocket.

Now the city says its contract with Redflex specifically states the company would have to abide by all laws of the city and state and to agree to indemnify Minneapolis from all legal liability as a result of a legal challenge to the program.

It sounds like delicious karma to us.

Read the full story at The, “Minneapolis Sues Redflex Over Camera Ticket Refund.”

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  1. glg says:

    Go Minneapolis!

  2. I think I might attend the village council meeting and ask a few questions.

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