Parking Meter Meltdown Caught On Camera

Writing parking tickets can be a stressful job.

Would anyone even volunteer for such a job?

The answer seems to be yes in Del Ray Beach, Florida, where one volunteer parking enforcement attendant goes berzerk dealing with a young lady and her husband.

According to the young woman, she got ticketed before she got a chance to feed the meter and voiced her complaints to the ticket writer.  For some reason, according to the woman, he began verbally abusing her and followed her down the street taking photos.

The woman calls husband. Husband shows up armed with an iPhone and starts doing some filming of his own and this is where the fireworks begin.


Here’s the full story, “Parking enforcement attendant goes on a tirade; incident caught on camera.”

Thanks to our friend the Ticket Doctor for the tip.

5 Responses to Parking Meter Meltdown Caught On Camera

  1. Anonymous says:

    If he was unpaid, it’s no wonder he didn’t care about his job. I guess he could get a job here as a ticket disher-outer. Dishing out a ticket before the driver can even feed the meter? Daley would love him on the payroll!

  2. Meter Maid, Parking Attendant, maybe he’s really a Meter Butler.
    Since he was a volunteer, the city was getting their money’s worth.
    He needs counseling.

  3. John Doe says:

    Ha ha! She’s full of crap he started following her and taking pics! Oh and by the way Mr and Mrs Pennsylvania, its a felony in the state of Florida to record someone without their knowledge and permission!
    Hope the S.A.O. files charges against them for their felonious act!

  4. bobbi dumas says:

    How do you know this couple is legit? She’s probably making up the story. She looks like a self-centered bitch, all about me personality.

    And they want to sue? Give me a f**cki*g break.

    There’s more to this story than the recording that this dandy couple presented.

  5. Remedy says:

    Wow, iPhones take really crappy video!!

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