City Clerk del Valle Brings Hands On Attitude To City Sticker Sales

Chicago City Clerk Miguel del Valle assists a women purhasing her 2010-2011 city sticker at City Hall

Most people in line don’t give the gentleman in the crisp pressed shirt and tie a second look.

He points, quickly reviews  some paperwork a young women offers him before speaking to her for a few moments, then motions to the next person waiting in line.

These drivers standing in line, just trying to get their Chicago city sticker before the July 30th deadline, simply want to get in and out of City Hall as quickly as possible.

So it’s not a surprise most don’t recognize the soft-spoken man helping them out as Chicago City Clerk Miguel del Valle.

“Clerk del Valle is very hands on and has been in the hallway helping people during sticker season for four years, ever since taking office,” says City Clerk spokesperson Kristine Williams. “Many times people recognize him, but that isn’t the reason he is in the hallway. He wants to help people get their stickers as quickly as possible, as all of us do.”

Lines for city sticker sales sometimes wind out into the hallway outside room 107 in City Hall, especially during the lunch rush. During these peak traffic periods, it’s not uncommon to see many non-clerical or administrative City Clerk staff helping keeping things moving smoothly.

Last Tuesday, when del Valle took his turn helping out on the floor, the Clerk kept the line flowing quickly, answering drivers’ questions, directing people in line to the correct windows, expediting motorists looking for replacements for their defective sticker to a special window and even walking an elderly women to another office altogether after accidentally waiting in the wrong line.

Initially it took some gentle prodding to get Clerk del Valle, who seemed genuinely self-conscious of the attention, to even comment on his personal involvement in assisting with sticker sales.

“I believe during sticker sales season it is all hands on deck and I like to lead by example,” explained del Valle who thinks the contact with the public leads to improvements in the services his office provides. “By being on the front lines and helping customers, it keeps us tuned into what our constituents experience when they come into contact with our office, whether that is in person, on the phone, by e-mail or by mail. There is a lot of value in talking to customers on a day to day basis. Talking to the constituents often leads to decisions that helps improve the sales experience in future years.”

So, if you’re down at City Hall trying to get your city vehicle sticker at the last minute, no your mind’s not playing tricks on you–that’s really the Chicago City Clerk helping you get this year’s city sticker.

4 Responses to City Clerk del Valle Brings Hands On Attitude To City Sticker Sales

  1. mcrChicago says:

    I wish Mr. De Valle would put his hands on my vehicle sticker and put it in the mail. After futile attempts to contact the downtown office which puts you in voicemail hell and then gives you a recorded message that they are too busy to talk to you and hangs up on you, I called a sattelite office and got a human. She reported that my sticker was “PROCESSED” on June 23, and many people from around that date have not received them as of today, July 29, more than a month later.

    This process is almost into month three. If they can’t work with their deadlines, they need to fix them! Extend the deadline AGAIN for the stickers, and move the application date back to where they can handle the volume.

    I know I should know better after 30 years in this town, but I still hold on to the illusion that a few revenue-generating departments should function at a basic level. Is there a cure for that?

  2. mcrChicago –

    On our website we list an e-mail address (, and two phone numbers – 312-744-6578 as well as 312-742-9200 for customers to contact for missing stickers or replacement stickers.

    For anyone who hasn’t received a sticker yet and it could be lost in the mail, we encourage them to come to City Hall, room 107 to check on the status of their sticker and determine if a replacement is needed.

    Kristine Williams
    Office of the City Clerk

  3. DoR Eployee says:


    If you have this problem every year………why are you still doing what you have always done?

    There is going to be no further extension just because you can’t be arsed to walk your ass into the Clerks Office and stand in line.

    The 16 day bonus was one thing….for the GLUE issue.

    As for your cure……..park in a tow zone……….We will show you want departments Work.

  4. Herman Miles says:

    I purchased a City Sticker on 6/8/2010 but when I tried to apply it to the windshield it would’nt stick. Now I learned that I could get a ticket if it is taped on. Now what should I do?

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