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Last Day To Buy Chicago City Stickers

Late Fees, Enforcement Begin On Sunday

Officially, the grace period for purchasing your Chicago 2010-2011 city vehicle sticker was yesterday, July 3oth.

However, enforcement doesn’t begin until Sunday, August 1st and you can still purchase your city sticker Saturday before late fees kick in.

There are three ways to buy today, as long as you purchase it by 11:59 PM on Saturday, July 31st.

Cha-Ching! Chicago Parking Meters, LLC Raking In Millions According To Wall Street Reports

From new financial reports, the company that controls Chicago’s parking meter system is raking in the quarters–millions and millions of them.

According to an article in today’s New York Times, Chicago Parking Meters, LLC is going to be just shy of the $75 million dollars in revenue the company had projected it would make in 2010.

The Expired Meter with CBS 2 News had broken the story back in November of 2009, that internal documents from the company estimated its revenues for 2010 to be around $75 million. With projected expenses of $15 million, the company was looking to generate nearly $60 million in profits for 2010. It’s these numbers that seem to indicate to many that the city underestimated the true value of Chicago’s 36,000+ parking meter system.

Friday Funny Foto: Pummeled Parking Meter

Now that’s what I call an “inoperable parking meter!”

Ouch! That had to hurt.

Lines For City Stickers Light On Thursday

Lines for city sticker sales on Thursday, were relatively light for the day before the end of the extended grace period.

A cursory check of lines for in-person city sticker sales at the Department of Revenue payment center on Addison and City Hall (pictured above) seemed to indicate light traffic on Thursday.

Naperville Stops Right On Red RLC Enforcement

In a surprising 6-3 vote a week ago Tuesday, the Naperville city council decided to put an end to enforcing right turn on red violations at the three red light camera intersections in their town.

According to the Daily Herald, city staff members tried to persuade council members of the benefits from retaining this enforcement. Most of the city council was convinced by statistics, that rolling through a right turn on red does not cause accidents.

Street Cleaning Temporarily Suspended Three Days

Streets & Sanitation Crews Re-Deployed To Flood Cleanup

Due to the deluge of rain and subsequent flooding over the weekend, Streets & Sanitation Commissioner Thomas Byrne has called for a three-day suspension of scheduled street cleaning services.

Streets & Sanitation personnel are being taken off street sweeping and recycling pickup duties in many areas of the city to assist with the aftermath of the weekend flooding according to an e-mail alert from 33rd ward Alderman Richard Mell’s office.

City Sticker Sales Rolls Into Final Week, Ends Friday

News, Tips & Info For City Sticker Procrastinators

With just a few days left before Chicago city vehicle sticker sales end, lollygaggers need to get their butts in gear.

The two week extended grace period, due to defective city stickers, comes to an end on Friday, July 30th and is the last day you can purchase your $75 city sticker for 2010-2011 in person from a City Clerk’s office and most Department of Revenue payment centers.

You can still purchase city stickers on Saturday, July 31st without paying a late fee from the Dept. of Revenue payment center at 400 W. Superior or Currency Exchanges and Dominick’s grocery stores.

But if you don’t have your sticker on your windshield before August 1st, you chance a $120 ticket.

So here’s the Geek’s lowdown on getting your sticker with the least amount of pain, along with some good news and information.

Sooner is better than later

Lines for in-person city sticker sales will build through out the week, of course peaking on Thursday and Friday. In other words, if you don’t like waiting for hours in line, get down to City Hall, one of two other City Clerk locations or to a Dept. of Revenue payment center–NOW!

Avoid peak times around lunch time from 11 AM – 1 PM. Get in line early in the morning.

1st Ward Debuts Free Street Cleaning Text Alerts

Drivers Get Warnings Night Before, Morning Of, To Move Car

First ward Chicago alderman Proco Joe Moreno may have been in office only four months, but he’s already ahead of his aldermanic colleagues when it comes to technology.

Just a few days ago, Moreno’s office debuted a new text alert system to warn constituents when street cleaning is scheduled for their block, so they can remember to move their cars and avoid tickets.

Residents of the 1st Ward can use their cell phone to sign up for this free service by texting a specific code number that reflects their geographic position on a map. The night before and the morning before street sweepers hit your street, you’ll get a text message reminding you to move your car.

The idea came out of the frustration of the typical complaint of parking tickets for street cleaning that constantly flow into aldermanic ward offices all across the city.

Geek Joins Nick D. Saturday Night On WGN Radio

UPDATE: Hey! If you missed Saturday night’s show, here’s the podcast.

It was a lot of fun and much thanks to Nick and his producer extraordinaire Andy Hermann.

We talked city stickers, Ald. Moreno’s new street cleaning text alert system, City Clerk del Valle and doled out some insipid parking ticket advice.

Did I mention it was really, really fun?

Weekend Traffic Tips: Transformers, Festivals

UPDATE: Some intersections have traffic lights out due to last nights storm.

At Irving & Kedzie, a traffic light was knocked out of commission by a vehicle around 5 AM.

One lane of traffic south of Irving on Kedzie is blocked due to the light in the street. Despite a cop on the scene, traffic is backing up for nearly a mile in each direction on Irving. Eastbound traffic due to the Cubs game is especially nasty. Avoid both streets in that area if you can.

Traffic is being worsened by the policeman’s refusal to direct traffic.

Transformers 3 Filming

This is getting a little monotonous.

But, Transformers 3 continues to film downtown.

Over the weekend, Wacker Dr. is tied up from State to Wabash. Streets re-open Monday morning at 5 AM.

Wabash will also be closed from Wacker to Lake.

Milwaukee Ave. Arts Festival

This relatively new festival will have Milwaukee Ave. closed from Diversey to Logan no doubt messing up traffic in that area.