Boystown Parking Ticket Mystery Solved! There Is No Mystery

Mysterious “Unticketable” Car Is Actually Parking Legally

There’s been somewhat of a minor local internet scuttlebutt surrounding a post on the HillBuzz blog.

The amateur sleuths at HillBuzz have been diligently tracking what they term “Boystown Mystery: The Case Of The Unticketable Car,” for the past few days.

Essentially, the website has been following what they feel is an illegally parked car that never, ever, ever gets tickets.

The Second City Cop blog picked up their post, and then things got really hot.

Lots of speculation regarding clouted city big wigs who were above the law and the alleged existence of a “DO NOT WRITE” category which prevented certain vehicles from being ticketed.

Even this website was (for obvious reasons) titillated by the story.

However, after viewing additional photos of the alleged illegal parking spot, provided in an update on the HillBuzz blog, and personally inspecting the spot in question, it doesn’t look like the BMW in question is illegally parked.

The vehicle is behind the sign where the driver would have to feed the meter, but there is no other sign (No Parking/Tow Zone, etc.) making the yellow curbed area anything other than a perfectly legal, free space.

Hat tip to frequent contributor, and Parking Enforcement Aide for the the city, “DoR Employee” who goes on to say in our comments, “just because a vehicle is in a yellow striped zone, doesn’t make it illegally parked.”

Many drivers, wrongly assume the painted yellow curb automatically prohibits a vehicle from parking there. But this is not the case. It’s an easy mistake to make.

Our Dept. of Revenue source also says there’s no such thing as a “DO NOT WRITE” category on their AutoCITEs, the handheld computers used to issue parking tickets.

What the driver is doing, and quite smartly so, is taking advantage of a loophole in the street markings.

I would do the exact same thing if I happened to hangout in Boystown and saw that open parking spot.

After this dust up, don’t expect that spot to last very long. I would be surprised if the sign is not changed by the end of the week.

And, with a bit of research, one can see the vehicle is certainly not immune to parking tickets, having received 30 tickets since 2007. Many of them contested and dismissed. Others paid.

In my opinion, by the type of violations issued on the car’s ticket history, the driver parks in that spot a lot and is regularly ticketed improperly for parking in a legit spot.

So, there’s a really great reason why the car doesn’t get ticketed–IT’S PARKED LEGALLY!!!

Ultimately, while it sounded like an exciting story, ripe with political drama, it essentially is much ado about nuthin’.

12 Responses to Boystown Parking Ticket Mystery Solved! There Is No Mystery

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  2. glg says:

    There’s only one picture on hillbuzz from behind where you can see the signs, and you’re right, just a meter sign. With the painted curb, it looks like a no parking sign is missing on that post (ie, metered parking south of the post, no parking north). Probably got screwed up when the meters got pulled in favor of the payboxes last year. The one thing I can’t tell from the pics is whether it’s too close to the corner, but I’m guessing Geek checked that too (there was no way I was swinging over there this weekend with the stupid belmont/sheffield festival destroying traffic).

  3. george says:

    This one has me pretty confused. So the yellow markings on the curb don’t mean anything then? If they don’t mean anything, why does the city even bother painting them? Also, like glg said, isn’t there some rule that you can’t park x feet within a street intersection? That car seems to be parked quite near the corner.

  4. glg says:

    The curb paint is advisory, there is nothing in the code about the paint making parking illegal.

    On the x feet, I’m off. Awake enough to check code now. It just says no parking within an intersection, on a crosswalk, and a bunch of other stuff. It’s not in the intersection and there isn’t a crosswalk, so it’s good. So, I’m back to the thought that there’s supposed to be a No Parking Tow Zone sign on the post with the meter sign.

  5. Mark says:

    Correction: the yellow paint means the mayor has a “friend” who has containers of yellow paint and needs to get rid of it.

    If it’s advisory, who is being advised? No one seems to know about it.

    More waste in the city.

  6. DoR Employee says:

    Mark…it is advisory…Period.

    Was there at one time a Tow Zone sign on that pole? Possibly.

    If the City makes that a becomes a violation area if they put up a crosswalk sign (20′ clearance from teh Xross Walk with Sign.).

    Right now…its Outside of the Meter’d Spaces..but only the CPD uses that violation outside of Pay Lots…and 99% of those get tossed for Invalid Violation.

    Note: OutSide of Metered Space violation fine was changed in the past 2 weeks. 50 bucks for the standard 21 days……it Triples to 150 after 21 days…not doubles.

    Watch how you park in City enforced Pay Lots….be Inbetween the lines at all times.

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  8. lauren says:

    that is not true. you CAN get a ticket for parking outside of the metered area. ive done, and ive gotten em.

  9. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    I’ve received tikets for “parking outside the metered space” before too.

    However, most of these tickets are bogus. Per the muni code there must be pavement markings designating spaces. Since most on street parking does not have pavement markings, most of these violations occur legitimately in city lots where one car is parked on or over the designated lines.

    When “parking outside the metered space” is used for on street parking without pavement markings, it is usually being written by either morons who don’t know the code or cops being assholes.

    These bogus tickets are EASY to beat.

  10. DoR Employee says:

    Thanks Geek….I think I made that point but Lauren missed it.

  11. B says:

    Loophole or not I cannot believe a non-special person doesn’t get a ticket for parking next to a yellow curb. Some Dept of Revenue ticket writer will write it and let the parking ticket court sort it out.

    And apparently the “loophole” is quite real. I’ve checked both state and chicago code and neither has a meaning for a yellow curb by itself. The MUTCD shows that a yellow curb marking is supposed to indicate a no parking area based on statute or sign. Since there is no painted crosswalk, no hydrant, and no sign, it’s a legal spot.

  12. DoR Employee says:

    B….I think between Me and PTG; that we covered that

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