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Construction Strike Could Delay Ike Repair Work

UPDATE: The strike is ON according the Sun-Times’ transportation writer Mary Wisniewski.

Union construction workers on the job on the I-290 construction project, may go on strike as soon as Thursday according to Crain’s Chicago Business.

The worry is, a strike will slow down an already painful repaving process that has reduced the number of lanes both eastbound and westbound, thus causing tortureous traffic delays at almost any time of the day. In addition, the construction project which was scheduled to be completed before winter. A strike might put this deadline in jeopardy leaving motorists using the Ike an even more difficult winter driving.

Clerk’s Office Extends City Sticker Deadline To July 30th

Unsticky City Sticker Problem Prolongs Deadline 2 Weeks

Procrastinators rejoice!

Normally today, June 30th, is the day your old Chicago city vehicle sticker expires and must be replaced on your car’s windshield with the 2010/2011 sticker.

Of course, the city traditionally gives stragglers a two week grace period to purchase and affix their $75 decal, making July 15th the ultimate deadline before drivers risk a $120 ticket for “failure to display” their city sticker.

But this year, because of an un-sticky situation, the Chicago City Clerk’s office has announced an unprecedented 15-day extension of the city sticker grace period extending the deadline for until July 30th.

This break from tradition is due to quality control issues the Chicago City Clerk’s office has been facing with this year’s stickers.

Taxi Driving 101

Think driving a cab is easy work?

Think again.

ALERT!: Cubs Night Games Monday & Tuesday

The Pittsburgh Pirates are in town.

Tuesday and Wednesday are both night games.

Remember, Cubs night game parking restrictions kick in at 5 PM.

The game starts at 7:05.

Cops, parking enforcement aides, tow trucks, etc., will be ready to ruin your night if you decide to ignore the well posted restrictions in Lakeview/Wrigleyville.

The Geek’s Weekend Traffic/Parking Hotspot Report

A pair of big events will bring some nasty congestion to two areas of the city this weekend.

The major one is the start of Taste of Chicago in Grant Park Friday. Street closures began early in the week closing three major thoroughfares:

ALERT!: Crosswalk Sting Thursday Night, Saturday

The Chicago Department of Transportation and the Chicago Police Department will be out tonight doing crosswalk enforcement.

This is where a cop posing as a pedestrian tries to cross the street at the crosswalk. If you don’t stop and let the fake pedestrian cross, you’ll get a ticket. Could run you $50-$500.

Tonight’s crosswalk sting will be on Belmont Ave. at Orchard in Lakeview from 8 – 10 PM.

On Saturday, there will be three locations targeted.

How To Get That #@%! City Sticker Off Your Windshield

10 Tips For Making Removing Last Year’s Sticker A Breeze

Every June, or early July, it’s the same thing.

You schlep outside onto the street or into the garage to place your spankin’ new Chicago city vehicle sticker onto your windshield but then…


You realize you have to remove last year’s sticker first.

And you start swearing under your breath, because that damn sticker is a real bitch to scrape off!

You try peeling it off, picking at it with a fingernail, or battling with it using your trusty razor blade, hacking away as shards of sticker spray onto your dashboard and car floor. It’s always a pain in the ass. And when you’re done, you need an couple of aspirin and a stiff drink.

Outside of replacing the whole darn windshield, there has to be an easier way.

Actually, there seems to be several easier ways.

The Parking Ticket Geek has been on a quest to round up all the very best tips and advice for getting that #@%! city sticker off your windshield. And here’s what we’ve found.

Lucy The ‘Meter Maid’

Lucille Ball, a ticket book and an expired meter?

Get ready for parking ticket hilarity.

Video courtesy of our friends over at MeTV.

Many Suburban Towns Moving Toward Opting Out Of Cook County RLC Program

8 Suburban Villages On Record Opposing County Cameras

The wheels are in motion.

Already eight suburban municipalities are moving toward opting out of Cook County’s proposed red light camera program.

Less than a week after the Cook County board voted to allow municipalities the option to keep county red light cameras out of their town, Buffalo Grove and reportedly Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Wheeling, Wilmette, Northbrook, Glenview and Deerfield are making all the signs each town will opt out.

Just these towns account for nearly half of the originally proposed 30 possible intersection locations, with 14 intersections within these eight towns.

This comes less than a week after the county board backpedaled a bit on moving forward with their red light camera program, after commissioners started getting angry reaction to the program from many of the municipalities where 20 cameras were planned to be erected.

Meter Math Adds Up To Big Bucks

City, Meter Company Both Profit From Resumed Enforcement

With Chicago Parking Meters, LLC resuming meter enforcement again Monday, perhaps some mathematical insight will shed some light on the politics.

According to company sources, the new meter company sees enforcement as a key component of revenue.

CPM wants heavy enforcement so drivers are scared into feeding their meters. The reasoning is, logical motorists would prefer to pay a few bucks to the meter than risk a $50 expired meter ticket from the city.

When drivers feed their meters, it’s called compliance. The more people who comply (dropping quarters into meter pay boxes) the more revenue the company generates.

Sources claim that for fiscal year 2010, the company expected its enforcement efforts to increase compliance to a point that would add a cool $1 million to their bottom line. So, it’s not surprising the company wants to have their enforcement teams out on the streets ASAP.