Online Sales For Chicago City Stickers Start Today

Renewal Notices Are Already In The Mail

Attention Chicago drivers- it’s city vehicle sticker season again!

And you can jump to the head of the line today, as online sales for 2010 city stickers, residential parking permits and daily guest passes is now officially open for business at the Chicago City Clerk’s website.

Actually, the Clerk’s office had their online sales up and running a few days ago, this past Thursday, as part of a beta test of sorts, before making the official announcement.

“We had a soft launch to make sure everything was working OK,” said City Clerk spokesperson Kristine Williams. “In the first three hours, we had already sold 100 stickers.”

In addition, according to Williams, some of the 1.3 million city sticker renewal notices started going out in the mail Monday, May 17th, five days earlier than last year. The entire mailing should be completed early this week.

However, Williams says, unless you’re a senior citizen, you don’t need your renewal form in order to purchase your city sticker online.

Every year around this time, city motorists must fork over 75 bucks (or more in some cases), to purchase their annual city vehicle sticker.

Before 2009, city stickers were not available for sale until June 1st.

Last year, Chicago’s 1.3 million registered vehicle owners were given a chance to purchase their city stickers online, in advance of the traditional June 1 start date, to try to promote more web-based sales.

“Last year we doubled the amount of stickers sold online, with nearly 200,000 people choosing the ease and convenience of buying their sticker online versus waiting in line to purchase it in person,” said Clerk del
Valle via press release. “We are hoping to again increase the number of people who discover how fast and easy it is to buy their sticker online.”

The emphasis on pushing internet sales paid off for the Clerk’s office with total online 2009 vehicle sticker sales rising 109% from 2008. Web sales for residential parking permits were even more impressive with a 179% increase, and daily guest passes for residential permit zones were up a whopping 329%.

“We really want to keep growing internet sales quite simply because it’s so easy to do and we don’t want people waiting in line,” explains Williams. “With such a huge increase in online sales, it’s a huge testament to how easy and simple it is.”

In 2009, the Clerk’s office gave an extreme makeover to buying city stickers, converting it from a laboriously slow manual exercise to a fully digital print process. Drastic operational changes, along with new technologies, sped up the speed of transactions, reduced the length of lines for in-person sales and ultimately increased sales by over 40,000 additional city stickers from the previous year.

One significant reason for the sales improvement was the increase in the size of the city sticker renewal mailing. Instead of relying on their database of past city sticker purchasers, the Clerk’s office worked with the Illinois Secretary of State to obtain a complete list of every vehicle registered within Chicago’s city limits.

From a revenue perspective, sales bumped up from $98.5 million in 2008 to $100.5 million in 2009–a 2% increase.

“By far we had the largest renewal mailing ever,” said Williams about last year. “It was the first time ever we broke $100 million in city sticker sales. That two percent doesn’t sound like such a large improvement, but it was a two million dollar increase. That $2 million is really significant to the city.”

Williams suggests, if you prefer using the city sticker renewal form, in order to insure you get your city sticker in time, make sure you get your payment and renewal form into the mail by June 10th.

“June 10th is a safe date to make sure you get it in time,” says Williams.

Officially, motorists are given until June 30th to purchase and display their city sticker on their windshield. However, a grace period extends this time until July 15th.

However, be advised, after this date, not only can you be ticketed $120 for not having your city sticker, but you’ll have to pay a $40 late fee for not buying your sticker before the deadline.

For more information on purchasing your annual Chicago city vehicle sticker, visit the City Clerk’s website.

17 Responses to Online Sales For Chicago City Stickers Start Today

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  2. Jeff says:

    As I read this, I wondered, “If you move out of the city can you get a (pro-rated, of course) refund on the city sticker?”

    A quick Google shows that the answer, unsurprisingly, is a big BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Who do you think you’re dealing with here? Of course not!

  3. Jose says:

    As of June 1st….

    No expired City Sticker tickets or Residential Zoning Violation Tickets can be issued until July 16th.

    That’s from the City Clerk’s Office.

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  5. Ralph says:

    Ok, just like last year, I go online to renew my sticker, and it says I have a truck and wants me to pay $180.00! Last year it was said that this is due to my plate ending in a letter, (FF for the firefighter memorial plate.) Here it is a year later and THEY STILL HAVEN’T CORRECTED THE PROBLEM! So much for the city that works.

  6. Optimus Prime says:

    Ralph you are paying that much because in your city sticker your also paying for a truck permit that you would need to display in residential street. This was made mandatory since citizens were not buying the truck permit. You buy an A class city sticker. This costs the most compared to LP or P class city stickers.

  7. Ralph says:

    OP, I don’t own a truck. I own a small Toyota car, and on the sticker application form I was mailed it states the cost as $75. However, the same as last year, when I go online to the city clerk’s site to purchase it, the site automatically ASSUMES I own a truck because the plate ends in a LETTER rather than a NUMBER. This was the explanation I got last year. But it has been a year and they still haven’t fixed the problem. How many years does it take?

  8. Optimus Prime says:

    Ralph your right…..according to city clerks spokesman Kristine , you must omit last letters of your specialty plate. They still have issue with specialty plates being recognized as trucks. I believe that the code program written for this, has any letters issued at the end of the plate grouped into trucks.

  9. DoR Empolyee says:

    Optimus is right.

    the Software was poorly written and the Clerks office can’t seem to get someone in to fix it.

  10. Bill says:

    When do they start ticketing? I have ordered mine online and have not received them yet. I am going on vacation this week and will not be back until July 4th.

  11. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    Don’t worry. You have until July 15th to get your city sticker on the car. Ticketing would start July 16th.

  12. David says:

    Are you sure about the July 15th display deadline. I was talking with a cop and he said that they were allowed to(and would) start writing tickets on the first. The 15th is simply the last time to buy a sticker without the additional charge, but if they catch you before then they can nail you. Do I have a defense if my sticker doesn’t make it?

  13. Mike says:

    Thats why I never buy my sticker online…I’ll either get it at the Currency Exchange (yea and pay an extra fee) or I’ll take advantage of my alderman having a day to get the sticker…you can never trust the mail these days even though it IS the city and you should technically get your mail within a day.

  14. Darwin says:

    I mailed a check in May and still has not cleared my checking account. Is it lost or do they not process payments immediately? It seems like this happens every year.

  15. DoR Employee says:


    If you have the 2009-2010 sticker displayed on your Car and have not yet gotten your 2010-2011 Sticker; you are Fine until 12am on July 16th.

    If you do not have a 2009-2010 sticker on your car at all; and your car is registered in Chicago, we can write you for “No City Sticker.” Because you are not in compliance when we see your car.

    If you have the receipt from your City Clerk purchase…you can contest the ticket and hope the Admin tosses the citation.

  16. DoR Employee says:

    And Darwin…if this happens every year, why are you still doing the same thing every year?

    Try something New for a change.

  17. David says:

    Yes. I have my current sticker. And I ordered my sticker on line from the City Clerk about 2 weeks ago.

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