City Debuts New Street Sweeping Schedules

After the past two weeks worth of controversial street sweeping changes the City of Chicago has just posted the new schedules for the street cleaning season.

It’s a little bit of work to figure it out, but worth the time to make sure the dates are on your calendar and your car doesn’t get ticketed.

STEP 1: Go to the Streets & Sanitation street sweeping webpage.

STEP 2: Locate your ward number.

There will be links to each ward’s schedule in the right column and a ward map in the right hand column.

STEP 3: Look at your ward’s map and locate your house or apartment.

There should be a section number on the colored map. That number corresponds to the section of the ward where you reside.

STEP 4: Review your ward’s schedule and locate the section number for your residence.

STEP 5: Make note of your neighborhood’s (section) sweeping schedule.

Double check the location description to make sure where you live falls within the boundaries given.

Take the time to mark it on the family calendar and put it in your phone’s calendar and/or scheduling application so you know when the street sweepers are coming.

Street cleaning tickets will suck a hard earned $50 out of your wallet, so be careful out there.

20 Responses to City Debuts New Street Sweeping Schedules

  1. Jay says:

    Great, I live on a corner that borders two different sections.

  2. Liz says:

    So what happens if you’re not in one of the areas that are listed for sweeping? I’m in Ward 26 section 5 according to their map, but the boundaries listed for sweeping leave out a huge part of section 5. That seems to be true of other areas as well. Does that mean that there are parts of the city that just aren’t going to be swept at all, or that they’ll be scheduled later?

  3. Sauce says:

    Apparently I live in section 0 in my ward (1st), so I don’t get my streets cleaned.

  4. glg says:

    I can’t say that I give a crap about the aldermanic whining about this being a mayoral power grab (it is, obviously, given the timing). In principle, they should totally be doing grid-based cleaning because it would be more efficient. But let’s see, I’m going to get a cleaning 4 times this year. It was 6 last year. That’s another cut in service, hidden behind all the bitching and moaning.

  5. Drew says:

    I’d like to thank the lazy people that live in Ward 43 this week.

    I know that CPD is averaging around 150 Citations per day since the 1st of April in that ward. And Revenue is averaging around the same.

    Lakeview, Stockton, Surf, Oakdale, Pine Grove, Burling, Orchard, Geneva, Wellington…Diversey to Fullerton…Signs were up since the last day of March.

    Thanks for making me look good to my Sgt.

  6. DoR Employee says:

    Heard tell that From Ward 46 to Ward 43 enforcement has been stellar.

    CPD and Revenue working in concert…telling each other where streets are that need enforcing.

    Also heard a report that as of this Monday…..Streets and Sanitation will start Impounding Cars/Trucks/etc…that don’t move and have a ticket on them.

    140 + 50 + storage…

  7. OIFVet says:

    DoR, how long do owners have to move their vehicles before getting towed? (my guess is 45 minutes LOL)

  8. DoR Employee says:

    In what respect “How Long?”

    I assume you are asking in reference to my “Tow” comment.

    I am referring to Street Cleaning…not some dumb yuppie on a hydrant to grab Starbucks or their Ho Chi Min Dry Cleaning. Or the Lazy WASP hitting the atm and parking in a Bus Stop.

    But as for the Dumb Yuppie with the BMW or the Lazy SUV driving WASP…

    A Tow Zone is a Tow Zone. I wouldn’t shed a tear to see Streets and San Tow Trucks patrol and Hook every moron that parked stupid.

    140 + Ticket Cost = Budget Hole Filled Fast.

    And I know that demographics have nothing to do with stupid parking.

    I’ve seen Moronic parking at 115 & Western…at 63rd and Stoney Island…at Montrose and Marine Dr….at Halsted and Grace.

    I just have less sympathy for the people that think they can do it because they live somewhere “special” in this City.

  9. Tom says:

    yeah, what’s with Ward 2/section zero ? There were handicapped cars parked on Clinton & Adams on Friday that were ticketed right in front of signs that said cleaning started on April 15, not April 2. And they release the schedules AFTER cleaning supposedly begins ?

  10. DoR Employee says:

    Tom….did you stop and think that CPD might have ticketed them for Other reasons?

  11. Jeff says:

    DoR Employee,

    That’s all well and good if the schedules are published early, posted clearly, and actually followed by S&San.

    The first criterion is definitely not met, as evidenced by the fact they totally revamped the entire schedule/strategy, then changed their minds again less than a week before April 1.

    The second is perhaps barely met. They eventually DO post schedules and maps online, but in an almost unreadable PDF format that shows a smattering of street names and colors. Good luck trying to figure out which ward/zone you’re in, especially if it’s on a border. The city should just have a page where you type in your address (or the closest address to where you are thinking of parking), and it spits out all the scheduled cleaning days for the year in simple plain text. They have the data to do this, so why not?

    The third criterion is not met, at least from my personal experience. There were two occasions last year (that I knew about) where, on my street, they swept on a date other than the one given on the city’s website, and another where they came on a date that disagreed with the permanent signage on the road. If a person wants to plan ahead and choose their parking spot carefully before, say, flying out of O’Hare for a two week trip (and being a good citizen by taking the Blue Line), they shouldn’t have to worry about their car being towed in their absence due to incorrectly executed sweepings.

  12. DoR Employee says:

    Jeff….poorly executed isn’t the phrase I’d use.

    Clusterfuck is closer to the mark.

    March 31st, we were all instructed that until further notice…Dept of Revenue PEA’s would NOT be enforcing Street Cleaning due to the Issue being discussed by Da Mayor and Duh Aldermen.

    6:15am April 1st (near the end of Roll Call at all PEA squad room’s) it was announced that Enforcement would commence for Street Cleaning, but to wait until 9:30am for the 1st and 2nd. CPD cleaned up (Pun intended) city wide on the first 2 days. And the DOR supervisors and managers were on a scramble to get the new Grid Schedules passed out to the people that had assigned Street Cleaning in their Beats for the day I personally couldn’t care one way or the other…instruct us to enforce something; great. Tell us to not enforce something; Fine. Either way, I get paid to walk around all day and look at cars and women, and write tickets.

    What annoys me however, is the idiots that feel that they can handle a 50 dollar ticket and not worry about moving their car from their “choice” spot for Street Cleaning.

    Whats amusing, is that for all I know about this job and the schedules for street cleaning; by damn wife forgot to move her car and caught a ticket from CPD for street cleaning on the 2nd of the month.

  13. OIFVet says:

    DoR, that is what I meant. BTW, stupid parker near me had his car with out of state plates parked in a way that left his rear end hanging about four feet off the curb and protruding into quite a narrow one way street. And no, it wasn’t a matter of a small space, there is a driveway behind and dude had all the space in the world to park nice and proper. Sheer lazyness. He got a ticket, but deserved a tow. Moron.

  14. Tom says:

    >Tom….did you stop and think that CPD might have ticketed them for Other reasons?

    Not when “street cleaning” was marked on both tickets. I have photos of the cars, the tickets and the license plates.

  15. Optimus Prime says:

    Regardless of what was being discussed march 31st. By alderman. Signs were posted for street cleaning. 90% of citizens ticketed I believe did not know street cleaning was being discussed by mayor.

  16. DoR Employee says:

    Tom…were the street cleaning signs the normal multi colored temp signs or the perm posted metal red/white signs or a generic No Parking, Police Order 9am-3pm red/white Paper sign?

  17. Tom says:

    no, no temp signs. normal metal signs.

  18. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    DoR, etal.

    Tom sent me photo documentation on this incident. I’ll be posting them between now and Monday.

    Sorry for the delay Tom, I’ve been slammed at work moving a warehouse.

  19. DoR Employee says:

    Tom….the Normal Perm Metal Signs are valid for enforcement.

    Regardless of being 7am-9am or 9am-3pm signs.

  20. [...] or the street sweeper broke down (which happens more often than you would think). Most likely the recent change from ward based street cleaning to street sweeping by zones led to this minor mishap. Too few sweepers and too many streets to clean under this new plan is [...]

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