Chicago Parking Meters Debut New, Motorcycle Friendly Receipts

Over the past few weeks,  motorists parking at Chicago parking meters may have noticed a mild change to their pay and display receipts.

The pay boxes are not printing out on the lightweight thermofax paper receipts anymore, but instead are spitting out new adhesive backed meter receipts just in time for the motorcycle/scooter season.

The pay boxes, when they were first rolled out, did have adhesive backed receipts that allowed for motorcycle and scooter riders to affix the receipt to their headlamps to prove they paid for parking.

The original adhesive receipts were short lived but were replaced with lower cost thermofax paper.

This paper worked just fine for car drivers who just place the receipt inside their car on the dashboard. But drivers of two-wheeled vehicles had to either bring their own tape along to stick them on their headlamp or hope the little clear pouch on the side of the paybox had adhesive strips to do the job.

It was a move that annoyed and frustrated many city motorcycle and scooter riders.

But these new receipts seem to be a welcome change for these drivers.

“Since they began filling the boxes we have been out in various locations and have been able to find them,” said Patrick Jones, President of Chicago ABATE, who worked with Chicago Parking Meters to test the new receipts.  “I personally have been using them and they feel thinner (that’s) what we expected and the adhesive seems to last even through the rain we encountered. They peeled off easily and we were just talking about them on the TV show last night.”

Jones hosts a local cable TV show covering motorcycle issues on CAN TV channel 21 Tuesdays at 8:00pm.

I haven’t seen them yet but I’m finally glad they did something,” said motorcycle rider Jon Heimann. “I used to just take my receipt with me and if I got a ticket I would have to fight it. Whenever I walk by a pay box I look to see if the stickers were there and there never were any. Now that motorcycle season is back I’ll be sure to look for the new receipts.

Bryan Bedell, the proprieter of the scooter oriented website Two Stroke Buzz hasn’t come across the new receipts either.

“I’d have to see it, hopefully it’s adequately sticky to not be blown away, but not so sticky as to leave marks or be hard to remove,” explains Bedell. “That said, it still bugs me that if someone comes along in a car and steals my receipt and puts it in his dashboard, it’s MY burden to defend the ticket.”

But Ed Walsh spokesperson for the Dept. of Revenue says the receipts come with built in theft deterrent.

“I would like to remind motorcycle and scooter owners that ordinance allows them to write their license plate number in the space provided on the receipt,” explains Walsh. “Doing so provides a disincentive to theft. Any vehicle displaying a pay box receipt with a license plate number other than the one displayed on the vehicle can be ticketed.”

8 Responses to Chicago Parking Meters Debut New, Motorcycle Friendly Receipts

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  2. 1pbfoot says:

    Here’s a crazy idea that will help deter theft of receipts… Have the payboxes ask the driver if they’re parking a motorcycle/scooter. If the answer is yes, put “CYCLE” in big white-on-black text on the receipt. If the meter maid sees “CYCLE” in a car, write a ticket. Done…

    Of course, what makes the most sense is to charge cycle owners a lower rate (that doesn’t match a car’s rate) given the significantly smaller street area required to park one. But that would make too much sense in Chicago…

  3. DoR Employee says:

    There should be a specific location for Scooters and Cycles to park for every pay box street.

  4. glg says:

    why a specific spot? Most blocks I see have none, so that would be a waste.

  5. DoR Employee says:

    Some cities have specific spaces for scooters and cycles…and as a result the owners don’t have to worry about their bikes getting knocked over by some person that can’t manage to properly parallel park.

    And 1pbFoot; I like that idea…it would be a good move.

  6. Frank says:

    I used the old first generation sticker receipts last year, 2009, and was quite frustrated when they switched to the paper receipt. It seemed like LAZ was cutting costs and they would wind up regretting it. They wound up having to put clear pouches on every paybox and add stickers (how much did they wind up wasting on that?). I wound up carrying a roll of tape because the pouches were always empty or had water damaged stickers. I use the payboxes at least once a week and scooter year round so it was pretty painful.

    So when I saw the new stickers recently (the green text is also new) I was happy to have them back. They work great, stick fine and don’t leave behind glue. Haven’t gotten rain on them but they will hold up in a wind storm and not fly off.

    Not sure if you mentioned this in another article but you can now tear off a mini receipt, which is all the receipt info repeated off to the right on your receipt and its meant to be torn off and kept like a receipt (see pic in article). Useful for us Scooter riders who may have our receipts stolen off our bikes and need to fight a ticket! Keep in mind people may just tear off a receipt from your bike to be jerks and not looking to take your ticket for their use.

  7. ttown says:

    There should be lower prices for bikes/scooters. They take up less than 1/3rd of the space of a car/SUV. Back when there were meters, a bike could just fit into the spot behind a smaller car for free. Now if 2 people decide to take 2 bikes, which take less space to park than one car, they need to pay 2 parking fees. It’s bull.

  8. DoR Employee says:

    TTown…the problem (as near as I can presume) is that the city was tired of Scooter and Motorcycle riders parking for free on metered streets.

    I recall Taylor street had some of the first on street pay boxes and no one complained about their scooters or motorcycles having to pay there.

    All of a sudden, since the Lease; everyone is up in arms about having to pay for a scooter or motorcycle.

    Don’t want to have to pay a meter box but want to ride a 2 wheeled motor vehicle?

    Get something that is Under 50 CC and you can park on the Parkway of every street, metered or not.

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