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TRAFFIC ALERT!: May Day Immigration Protest

Saturday is May Day.

While traditionally celebrated as International Worker’s Day, this year this Socialist/Communist holiday has been invigorated by recently passed immigration enforcement laws in Arizona.

Today’s May Day “celebration” will begin at Union Park at Ashland & Lake. In the afternoon, a protest march will step off from there in the afternoon and march downtown via Washington Street.

Be prepared for lots of traffic delays downtown Saturday afternoon.

We advise avoiding the West Loop too as far west as Ashland.

Pro-Pedestrian Law Passes Illinois Senate, Heads To Quinn’s Desk

Drivers Must Stop For Pedestrians At Every Crosswalk

Drivers, get ready to stop–a lot.

A bill which makes a dramatic change in how motorists drive and interact with their pedestrian counterparts, is headed to the Governor’s desk.

Illinois House Bill 43, which passed the state Senate Thursday, makes changes to the present law that will soon require vehicles to come to a complete stop when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk.

This includes ALL crosswalks–marked or unmarked where there’s not a stop sign or traffic light.

For years, Illinois law only required that motorists “yield” to pedestrians in crosswalks which according to proponents of the bill, lead to confusion on how it should be enforced.

NMA Tries To Prod, Poke, Cajole, Coax & Pursuade The Chicago Tribune

Gary Biller seems frustrated lately.

Biller, is the head of the National Motorists Association, a motorist advocacy group that has been one of the leading opponents of red light cameras.

His group has been working for years to promote their message that improving traffic engineering and increasing yellow light times at intersections, can do a lot more to reduce red light running and hence, improve safety, than red light cameras can. And that’s without taking millions of dollars a year out of the pockets of drivers.

Biller and the NMA have put a lot of energy into trying to get the word out in Chicago, the red light camera capital of the U.S., by reaching out to the media.

In some cases, the message has been getting through to sympathetic ears in the media. But in the case of the Chicago Tribune, Biller has run into a wall of silence on this issue.

That’s why he’s frustrated. Helps Drivers Stay On Top Of Tickets

New, Free Service Alerts Drivers Of Their Parking Tickets

By Diana Novak

In our go-go busy lives, sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of everything.

Especially when it comes to our parking tickets.

But not anymore. A new service called keeps subscribers to their free service up to date on their parking tickets via e-mail alerts. And, if you like, Parkzing, for a small fee, will even pay your tickets on time before the violation cost doubles.

Monday Is Cubs’ First Night Game For 2010

Tips, Info, Advice On Avoiding Being  Towed In Wrigleyville

Monday night is the Cubs’ first night game of the year.

The Cubs play two night games back to back in the first two games of a three game series against the Washington Nationals.

City ticket writers and tow trucks will be out in full force this evening and always chalk up records on both ticketing and towing the first night game of the season.

Make sure your vehicle is not one of them.

To honor the first night game of the year on the Northside, below we’ve listed the Cubs’ entire night game schedule for the 2010 season.

It’s important to be aware of the dates listed above, because non-residents are not allowed to park on residential streets within the zone and you could be ticketed and towed.

Let me clarify. You WILL be ticketed and towed. The city puts a virtual army of ticket writers and tow trucks on patrol throughout the entire zone. Stay the hell out of the neighborhood on the evenings of Cub’s night games.

Put these dates on your calendar or in your phone’s datebook.

Red Light Camera Bill Green Lighted In Illinois House, Moves To Gov. Quinn’s Desk

Friday, a bill that supporters claim makes red light camera tickets more difficult to get, passed the Illinois General Assembly 80-27.

Critics of the bill say not only does it not go far enough, but it essentially codifies what already is standard practice. RLC opponents had originally proposed wide ranging reforms including a complete ban of the practice in Illinois.

The only legitimate change the law makes is a mild one.

This part of the bill insures drivers making a right turn on red, do not get a ticket if they stop past the white line on the pavement–as long as they don’t enter the intersection and do make a complete stop.

Buy Yourself Your Own Street Sweeper

Ever dreamed of owning your very own street sweeper?

Isn’t that every young child’s dream?

Of course!

Well for the current bid price of $500 you can indulge your inner child and operate your very own Elgin street sweeper. Yowza!

The unit is owned by the Village of Bensenville and is up for auction on a website called iBid, an online auction run by the State of Illinois.

ALERT!: Move Your Cars, Ravenswood Run This Sunday

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday….

It’s the annual Ravenswood Run!

If you live up in the Ravenswood neighborhood, make sure your car’s not parked on the race course Sunday or it will be towed.

Two years ago, race promoters did a very poor job of getting the word out and/or not posting enough signs along portions of the race route and several hundred cars were erroneously towed.

Last year they did a much better job and this year, it looks like they’re going out of their way to make sure things run smoothly again.

They’ve got bright yellow posters all along the race course. Sweeps Away Tickets

Another Street Sweeping Alert Service Debuts In Chicago

By Diana Novak

Believe it or not, now there are two different services to help you evade those pesky street sweeper tickets. is a new subscription street-sweeping alert service (very similar to a service this site spotlighted just a few days ago) that launched a week ago.

Designed and run by Joel Guy, 28, a Logan Square local working in IT, this messaging reminder site hopes to modernize how we park during street cleaning season.

Parking Ticket Used As Toilet Paper Gets Medinah Man Arrested

Holy crap!

According to the Daily Herald, a man issued a parking ticket in Bartlett, got busted for wiping his butt with a parking ticket he received and mailing it back to the north suburban village.

The $15 ticket enraged Alexander J. Bailey of Medinah enough that he used it instead of toilet paper and mailed it in with a note written on the ticket claiming he did wipe doo-doo on the envelope.

A village employee handling parking tickets discovered the note, the stains and the foul odor.