Chicago Considers Increasing Red Light Camera Fines

While some state Senators in Springfield have been working on legislation to restrict red light cameras, Chicago aldermen are considering increasing the cost of fines for RLC tickets in Chicago.

Today, a proposal to increase the cost of a red light camera ticket from $100 to $125 was weighed in committee. The additional $25 is for the violator to attend some sort of driver’s education class.

If you choose to ignore taking the class, your fine then increases by an additional $50 to make your fine $175.

One problem may be that current video technology cannot identify the driver of the vehicle. Tickets are issued to the registered owner of the vehicles.

11 Responses to Chicago Considers Increasing Red Light Camera Fines

  1. cr says:

    hey why not make it $500 and if you don’t pay within one week your license is suspended and car can be confiscated and sold to pay it.
    PLEASE vote against any politician that backs red light cameras

  2. 1pbfoot says:

    PTG–what you failed to mention is that the Empire of Chicago is violating state law by not offering traffic school for RLC violator. (See ).

    I’m no lawyer, but the way I read this is until the hole in the city law is plugged by offering traffic school, I assume the public can get out of EVERY red-light camera ticket simply by requesting a hearing and asking for traffic school. The administrative law officer, assuming they know anything about the laws they are judging on, would probably have to drop the case to avoid someone suing the city over the lack of this option…

    Any lawyers care to comment???

  3. 1pbfoot says:

    One more thing… Doesn’t state law specify a maximum of $100 for an RLC violation? Or is there some exception for King Richie’s fiefdom?

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  5. Optimus Prime says:

    What aldermen is proposing this? How will they identify driver? This is bull.

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  7. Jonas pearson says:

    In California the minimum ticket for a traffic violation now is $446. With traffic school (to avoid the points) is now $498.

  8. OIFVet says:

    Why don’t they just pass a law to take all of our income? Chicago’s citizens are the proverbial trough from which the City Council pigs gorge themselves obese. This is nothing more than a silly attempt to claim that the RLCs are about safety when it has become crystal clear that they are just another revenue stream. They should all go f*ck themselves.

  9. Scott Davis says:

    Open Tyranny!

  10. Krys says:

    I recently went to traffic school and our instructor said that IL law prohibits anyone from photographing or recording the driver of a vehicle (apparently it’s why the tollways don’t snap a shot of your face w/the seat belt cameras they set up). If this is true, this would never pass as they could never identify the driver of the vehicle.
    On the other hand, I also was involved in a speeding in construction ticket w/the vans, and they clearly take a picture of your face then so I’m not sure how valid that is.

  11. Greg says:

    “Optimus Prime says:
    March 3, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    What aldermen is proposing this? How will they identify driver? This is bull.”

    I still wonder how any red light ticket is enforced, since it is a moving violation, so the ticket goes to the driver. The ticket is sent to the vehicle owner, so how do they get away with assuming the owner was driving?

    Is it a defense to say you weren’t driving? I don’t think it is.

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