LAZ Parking Meter Enforcement Ready To Resume


LAZ Parking’s parking meter enforcement crews are ready to hit the streets again.

That’s right, as we mentioned about three weeks ago, and after being on “voluntary” hiatus since April, due to the tremendous amount of problems related to the parking meter lease deal transition, meter enforcement personnel is hired, trained and ready to go.

According to multiple sources within the Department of Revenue and City Hall, about two dozen parking enforcement staff, armed with bright orange envelopes, are just waiting to start slapping parking tickets on any cars that allow their parking meters or meter receipts to expire.

When the parking meter lease deal was approved in the city council back in December 2008, it allowed for the new lessee, Chicago Parking Meters, LLC (CPM), to hire their own enforcement. LAZ Parking, CPM’s contractor for street operations, will handle the enforcement.

Even though ticket revenue will go to the city, it is the fear of strong enforcement that encourages motorists to keep plugging the parking meters and pay boxes with quarters.

The only holdup is a go ahead from the city.

According to sources at City Hall, CPM has officially made the request or will be making the request shortly, to resume enforcement as soon as possible. Presumably, they’re waiting for the thumbs up from city hall, which means they’re waiting on Mayor Daley.

Additionally, sources say CPM has plans to quickly expand their initial enforcement squad, with even more ticket writers whom are going through training now.

This initial wave of new enforcement people will constitute close to a 10% increase in enforcement personnel writing tickets on city streets.

Expect this new enforcement push to begin as early as October 1, or within the next 30 days or so.

UPDATE: Just spoke with Matthew Darst, First Deputy Director for the City of Chicago, who refutes our story.

“They haven’t requested it (reviving enforcement), we haven’t done any training and we haven’t provided them with any ticket books,” said Darst. “I haven’t had any discussions with Chicago Parking Meters in that regard and they would have contacted me.”

When asked why training would be necessary for parking enforcement employees who were already trained and just barely begun to write tickets at the end of March on behalf of CPM, Darst said. “We would have required them to be retrained. That’s too much time to have passed to not have them retrained.”

UPDATE #2: Avis LaVelle, spokesperson for CPM adds via e-mail, “CPM is not enforcing parking violations at this time and there is no indication when enforcement will start.”

We stand by our sources and our story.

12 Responses to LAZ Parking Meter Enforcement Ready To Resume

  1. Greg says:

    “Even though ticket revenue will go to the city, it is the fear of strong enforcement that encourages motorists to keep plugging the parking meters and pay boxes with quarters.”

    Or, it may cause even more motorists to avoid visiting businesses that have meters on their streets, and hurting these little businesses even more than they already are doing.

  2. 1PBFOOT says:

    What I’d love to see is LAZ start ticketing cars with M-plates. Should be funny to watch how this one plays out as these guys have NO reason to follow DOR, Serco, or CPD rules on the subject…

  3. DoR Employee says:

    Um….just to make a point 1PBFOOT…

    DoR, Serco and CPD all have a Standing Order to ENFORCE M plates that are in violation.

  4. Ticketmaster says:

    One additional point to add,

    DoR is correct on the standing order, however we have also been instructed to use our own judgment. The only exception is “marked” M plates are exempt, as well as the private security firm that patrols the 9th and 10th Wards.

  5. Optimus Prime says:

    Janitors who work in the Dept of Revenue are not good sources. LOL

    Why would Revenue train LAZ?

    If LAZ just patrols meters, then people are screwed.

    Mcdonalds plates should park legal anyways. If they get tickets , they should contest them.

  6. 1PBFOOT says:

    Well, DoR & Ticketmaster…

    If you want to spike up your numbers, there are plenty of M-plates that park in front of DePaul on State St. (between Jackson & Van Buren) IN THE MIDDLE OF STATE STREET. Tell me there’s a valid police reason all those Dept. of Environment cars (the only city department that would actually buy a Prius) just park there…

    Oh wait, they’re there so someone doesn’t have to pay for a lot…

    Just adding a little gasoline…

  7. ldypea says:

    hey…..revenue…hasa few enviromental friendly vehicles…..we have some priaus…..and a couple of hybrid escapes…..oh and the reason….why …..they are allowed to park there…..they are conducting….offical city business….and we are toldto look the other waay……

  8. Reader Guy says:

    So when will the article admitting you and your sources were wrong come out?

    How about the apology for basically calling the City liars?

    How about a public reprimand to your “sources” for lieing?

    Oh wait, you don’t have to tell the truth, just every one else right? People in glass houses my friend, people in glass houses.

  9. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Sorry Reader Guy,

    No apologies in the near future coming from me.

    My sources are absolutely right on. I stand by every, single, solitary word of my piece.

    CPM/LAZ and the city is at best, withholding or massaging the truth.

    I believe the reason is they are very sensitive about this issue. They don’t want citizens knowing when they’re enforcing again.

    Rest assured, when it officially starts, we’ll let you know.

    And look Reader Guy, I have even more info on enforcement than I’ve previously written about. Let me give you a little taste. My sources tell me CPM/LAZ is literally ACHING to get their enforcement crews onto the streets. Management considers it a priority to have enforcement writing tickets. The requests have been made. The only thing standing in the way is the thumbs up from the mayor.

    Once the mayor gives the OK, LAZ/CPM enforcement will be out there writing tickets.

    It’s all up to the mayor now.

    All we have to do is wait.

  10. Reader Guy says:

    Oh I get it. So MY sources say the Cubs will win the World Series next year. If they don’t rest assured, it’s only because the City is sensitive about breaking the curse.

    So when it happens, I’ll be right. Don’t tell me I’m wrong, it’s just that I’m just not right yet.

    Come on man, have you never taken a logic course? Just admit your sources were wrong and the City was right. Is that really so hard? Even a broken clock is right twice a day, so can’t the City be right every once in a while (although oddly enough a broken meter is never right)?

    Because it seems like no matter what happens, you and your ilk think the City is wrong. They could discover cold fusion and you’d think they were idiots. And that’s why the majority of people just dismiss the screaming from folks like you and the Reader. You are so rabid, so biased, so illogical that even though you OFTEN bring up valid points and ideas…it’s lost in the insanity of your approach.

    You attract a very loyal and rabid and SMALL group of folks who are ostricized and marginal. You could reach a more broad and meaningful audience if you’d just tone down the reteric and biased writing, reporting whatever. SOME of what the City does is good, SOME of the City employees are honest and hardworking and SOMETIMES the City does what’s best for the Citizens of Chicago. Not always, maybe not even a majority of times…but it does happen.

  11. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Reader Guy,

    I only cover parking and driving issues. So, I can’t speak for any other subjects. But, when the city or CPM does do something right, I cover that as well. For example, I like the new payboxes. It’s an improvement from the old meters. I’ve stated this several times here and in media interviews.

    I also agree with you when you say:

    “SOME of what the City does is good, SOME of the City employees are honest and hardworking and SOMETIMES the City does what’s best for the Citizens of Chicago. Not always, maybe not even a majority of times…but it does happen.”

    Very true.

    But again, I cover parking and driving issues. And in the last year, with the parking meter lease deal, the city and the administration in particular did not do a good job and need to be taken to task for it.

    As far as this particular story. I KNOW I’m right. My sources are right and you’ll see more info on LAZ enforcement soon enough.

    I repeat…I stand by my story and my sources.

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