CBS 2 Gives Red Light Camera Advice


Early last week, Ed Curran, the technology reporter for CBS 2 News, put together a nice little video segment called, “How To Beat — Or Live With — Red-Light Cameras.”

He covers a lot of ground in just a few minutes, explaining much about how red light cameras work, strategies for avoiding red light camera tickets and how different technologies (GPS and cell phone apps) are being used to help alert drivers.

It’s pretty much a digest version of what we’ve covered here, so it’s not very in-depth, but it is decently accurate, informative and with the advantage of being video.

Check out Curran’s video news report on red light cameras here.

Photo courtesy of CBS 2.

2 Responses to CBS 2 Gives Red Light Camera Advice

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  2. Eric Spring says:

    Good report by CBS2, however the cameras can be beaten and avoided. It is possible to not get red light camera tickets by investing the money you would be spending on these tickets on countermeasures instead.

    If you received a warning in advance of the intersection how helpful would that be to ensure you do not trigger the camera? Very helpful. If you know where a camera is you won’t be caught by the flash.

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