BREAKING NEWS: ‘CPM Has Substantially Improved…’ Says City

3000 Pay & Display Units To Replace 30,000 Meters By Year End

The city has released a multi-page press release claiming that “Chicago Parking Meters, LLC has substantially improved operational performance of meters.”

The press release goes on to say that CPM is going to fast track the installation of 3000 Pay & Display units by years end, eliminating nearly 30,000 of the city’s current 36,000 single head meters.

Already CPM has replaced 4000 traditional, single head meters with 450 Pay & Display units.

“We are pleased that CPM has decided to make it easier for Chicagoans to use parking meters by installing a pay box cashless system far sooner than our agreement requires,” said Gene Saffold, City of Chicago Chief Financial Officer.

In addition, the city claims CPM via LAZ, their operational contractor, has substantially addressed the issues that had been plaguing both companies in the transition of the meters from city owned to private management.

Since the torrent of problems erupted in mid-March, CPM has increased their number of meter mechanics from 10 to 35, and collection personnel from 15 to 38. The company also expanded the number of meter routes and increased meter collection to seven days a week. CPM still is utilizing 30 of the city’s DOR staff to “assist with operations and training.”

According to the city, as of May 11, there were only 150 meters reported as broken or otherwise inoperable, which is less than 1% of the meters in the city. And allegedly, CPM maintenance staff are responding to reports of broken meters within 48 hours.

Finally, CPM via LAZ has hired street teams to engage and educate parkers when new Pay & Display units are installed in a neighborhood.

City of Chicago Revenue Director Bea Reyna-Hickey added, “We challenged CPM to do a better job of addressing consumer concerns and improving the system operability, and we’re pleased to report that CPM has substantially improved their performance.”

“We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service for the users of Chicago’s metered parking system, and this equipment will vastly improve that service,” said Dennis Pedrelli, CPM’s Chief Executive Officer.

11 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: ‘CPM Has Substantially Improved…’ Says City

  1. Markian Zadony says:

    “Please use our meters…” Nice try.

    Gotta love the pay & display machines on blocks with no cars parked or cars w/handicapped placards. The ROI for those machines has to be measured in decades…

  2. Illinois Patriot says:

    And this crap came out of a political mouth…what a load of shit!

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  4. D Kropp says:

    Remember how a bad snowstorm swept incompetence out of City Hall in the early 80s?

    This meter situation, which discourages urban commerce right in the middle of a nationwide depression, will do the same thing.
    The idea itself, dumping 100 million into city coffers while residents pay many times that to some outside company, is downright criminal.

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  6. BXK says:

    Local hood just had the pay boxes installed last Thursday or Friday….haven’t seen a single “educator” on the street helping parkers.

    Oh, maybe that’s because NOBODY parks there anymore.

    But I suppose when the government says something, we should accept it as true.

  7. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Thanks for the info and input BXK.

    I’m seeing the same thing–dramatically reduced street parking.

  8. Chad says:

    I’d like to see someone with no education try to “educate” me, a masters degree holder. Good luck with that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The lack of cars in metered spaces is amazing. An irony of the pay and display units is that they boost the “productivity” of any vandal. A vandal need only ruin one machine to wipe out the equivalent of lots of meters. Not only is the vandal’s effectiveness is increased, but the crime uses less time to commit – meaning better chance of getting away with it. Consider the Irving Park case with the 20 meters. It would only take seconds to jam the pay/display unit instead of minutes.

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