Parking Chaos Begins In Wrigleyville Today

Wrigley Field

Hey Hey!

It’s Opening Day at Wrigley Field! The official start of baseball on the north side of Chicago.

And, just by coincidence, the start of parking HELL in Lakeview/Wrigleyville.

Lakeview residents just LOVE this time of the year.

Night Game Parking Sign

In honor of opening day, here’s a list of all the night games drivers whom frequent the Lakeview area, need to be aware of.

April 19, 21, 22, 30

May 4, 12, 13, 25, 26, 28, 31

June 16

July 2, 6, 7, 12, 27, 28

August 11, 12, 25, 26, 31

September 1, 14, 15, 16, 29, 30

October 1

NOTE: There are still probably some games, that currently have no start time listed, that will be night games when they are finalized. So expect more than the dates listed above

It’s important to be aware of the dates listed above, because non-residents are not allowed to park on residential streets within the zone and you could be ticketed and towed.

Let me clarify. You WILL be ticketed and towed. The city puts a virtual army of ticket writers and tow trucks on patrol throughout the entire zone. Stay the hell out of the neighborhood on the evenings of Cub’s night games.

Here’s a map of the area where parking is restricted during Cub’s night games.

The zone’s boundaries are approximately Lake Shore Drive on the east, Ravenswood (just west of Ashland) on the west, Belmont on the south and Montrose on the north. The zone is not quite symmetrical, so make sure you check the signs on some of the boundary areas because I know there are exceptions to the zone I just outlined.

This zone is designated LV-2. In order to park on streets in this zones and marked by the proper signs, your vehicle must display a valid LV-2 Night Ball Game Permit.

Cubs Parking Sticker

On the day of a night game, enforcement begins at 5 PM and ends at 10 PM. I suggest not coming into the area on those days at all if you can all but help it.

If not, make sure you are parked at a metered spot, in a private parking lot or on private property or just get the hell out of there by 4:59 PM.

This is a brutally enforced parking zone. You are not just ticketed, but you most likely be towed. The ticket costs $50 and the tow will cost you $160 or more. Holy Cow!

If you are a resident in the area, you need to get your butt down to Ald. Tunney’s 44th Ward Office and get your LV-2 sticker. Make sure you bring proof of residence, a valid ID and proof of city vehicle sticker. The 44th Ward office is at 1057 W. Belmont Ave.

Here is some more info on the LV-2 Parking Permit.

But also pay attention to parking along Addison St. during night games. There’s already rush hour parking westbound on Addison from 4-6. But on the evening of Cub’s night games, you cannot park on that street from 4 PM until 11PM. Arrgghhh!!!

Night Game Restrictions on Addison

I really, really would not enjoy living in Wrigleyville.

14 Responses to Parking Chaos Begins In Wrigleyville Today

  1. jeffcoloma says:

    UGH. Just imagine having to work in this neighborhood. Unfortunately the place I work (we’re not even a restaurant or bar) closes at 6PM. So on night games I basically have to close up the shop for at least 10 minutes before 5PM rolls around and hope to find some meter parking nearby. On other game days, finding street parking nearby is tenuous at best, infuriating at the worst.

  2. SBK says:

    Followed the link to the 44th ward site and it was bad/broken. Going through the ward’s main site, I found this: “As of July 1, 2008, the LV-2 Cubs Night Parking program has been eliminated in the 44th Ward. Zone 383 is the only parking zone remaining in effect in the 44th Ward, West of Ashland Ave.”

  3. Markian Zadony says:

    You may want to verify that 5pm-10pm restriction for day games… I lived 1/2 block away from Wrigley Field (on Sheffield) and the Night Game enforcement would ONLY occur on dates where a game would start at ~7pm, or if a concert or other special event was being held. If a day game went past 5pm, there were no special restrictions (except zone 383, which would start at 6pm–but permit parking violations were not towable unless it was a night game).

    Of course, this could be something new with the city trying to caitalize on confusion–which I wouldn’t put it past them to do…

  4. spudart says:

    Dude, that’s a cool map of the parking restrictions for Cubs games.

  5. dio says:

    There are some things I never understood with this LV2 parking. Why are some streets selected as such and others are not? Why is a small part of Conrelia ave and Pine Grove Ave, west of Additon on this zone?? Its not even that close to the stadium, and other streets which are closer to the stadium are not…

  6. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    Who the hell knows? Who can explain it? It’s like some gerrymandering nitwit dropped acid to create this map.

  7. Illinois Patriot says:

    “Who the hell knows? Who can explain it? It’s like some gerrymandering nitwit dropped acid to create this map.”

    PTG And Dio,
    What awesome idea for a tattoo! The map with that quote text wrapped around it!

  8. Y says:

    The program was simplified last year to eliminate LV2 from within the 44th ward. Zone 383 is in most (maybe all) of the eligible places within the 44th ward, including south of Belmont. This made it easier for 44th ward residents since they no longer need a second sticker to park in the area. The remaining LV2 zones are in adjacent wards.

  9. Ticketmaster says:

    Hello Expiredmeter Readers,

    While a few of us PEA’s may enforce in the various zones in Wrigelyville, more often than not, it will be SERCO writing those tickets. Also, before you park on a meter, be very careful and check the signs on the street. Remember, the signs will over-ride the meter. Best advice, do what the Ticketmaster does…..Take public transportation to and from the game. Cheaper, and don’t have to worry about any tickets. Go CUBS!!!!!

  10. 383 neighbor says:

    ok i have plates from another state and just use 383 paper permits. I am only here for like 6 more months. Are those paper 383 parking permits okay? Or do they need to be the permanent ones?

  11. Ticketmaster says:

    Hello 383 neighbor,

    Legally, you should change your plates and buy the proper stickers if you are living in IL for more than a month. However, as long as you properly fill out the paper permits, you will most likely be left alone (unless a complaint is made, and investigation is initiated).


  12. Y says:


    How can a complaint be initiated for the following? There is someone who lives on our block (many years) who has out-of-state plates WITH a current city sticker and residential zone sticker. Their out-of-state plates are current. The PEAs check for zone 383 and city sticker but ignore the fact that it’s on non-Illinois plates.

  13. Ticketmaster says:

    Hello Y,

    The best way to initate a complaint is to file it with the Secratary of State’s office and the City Clerk’s office. Make sure you get a case # or at the very least the person’s name. Wait 30 days, if nothing seems to be happening, then file a complaint with both the Attorny General’s Office and the Inspector General’s office and make sure you supply the name or case # to those agencies. I know this is time comsuming, but it is the best way to get things done. Just so you know, it’s not that the PEA’s ignore the fact that the plates are out of state, it’s that we are not equipped to deal with out of state plates, other than issuing a parking citation. When we do encounter them, more often than not, they are usually located around an airport or in an area densely populated by college students.

  14. Barb says:

    People that have LV-2 do not have to pay for 383. So, my friend who lived on Cornelia and Paulina (just west of Ashland) was in an LV-2. She only had to pay $75 for the City Stick and nothing for the LV-2. If you live east of Ashland (like Cornelia and Southport) you need a city stick and 383 ($75+$25=$100). So, people living around that area just east and west of Ashland are in different Wards. Also, people on the east side would not fork up the 25 bucks for the 383 and park on the LV-2 side….
    My friend got an 383 though she did not live in a 383 zone through her Alderman because she only lived a block away from the 383 and she complained that cheap people from just across Ashland parked in her LV-2 for free while she often had to park across the busy street of Ashland in a 383.

    Also, I live on Wellington just west of Racine which requires no 383 since it is in one Ward. On the east side of Racine and Welllington is 383 and Tunney. Thank god I got my 383 before I moved the west side because people from the east side park on the west to also save the 25bucks on the 383 pass. It was much easier for find parking on the east side of racine.

    Now, I live even closer to Wrigley, but I have a deeded parking spot. Thank god.

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