DOR Caught In The Act Downtown

Our good friend The Angry Chicagoan, spotted this Dept. of Revenue van illegally parked downtown at noon this past Tuesday.

No one was in the van, according to Mr. Angry.

He and I concur the driver was probably enjoying a delicious, leisurely lunch somewhere in the vicinity of where their vehicle was parked, being that it was lunchtime and all.

Mr. Angry and The Geek also agree, that if he and I decided to lunch downtown, and were parked in defiance of the posted signs, we would have been ticketed and then, most likely towed to the tune of $160.

The Angry Chicagoan has some very strong thoughts about protesting the parking meter lease deal and the meter rate hikes, with his thoughts popping up all over the place including last week’s Chicago Reader.

And that’s one reason we like the Angry Chicagoan so much.

18 Responses to DOR Caught In The Act Downtown

  1. DoR Employee says:

    what time was that photo taken?

    9am is Lunch time for day shift PEA’s.
    2pm is lunch time for afternoon shift PEA’s.

    And once again………

    M Plates are not required to park legally (thanks to the Mayor and State Government).

    You have to prove that the driver is on Lunch to file a complaint though.

  2. It was noon and as I walked into the McDonald’s 1/4 block away I could swear I saw a DOR employee walking out but I didn’t look closely at the uniform.

    I thought there was some disagreement about M plates being able to park illegally. Does that mean you can take a handicapped space? Park in the middle of the street? Park the wrong way on a one way street? Park on the sidewalk? What are the limits to the magical M plate free pass? How do I get a plate with an M?

  3. Ticketmaster says:

    Hello Angry Chicagoan,

    The only free pass that “M” plates are given is when there is an emergancy, otherwise M plated vehicles are required to park legal at all times.

  4. DoR Employee says:

    Really Ticketmaster…..When I was out of 018 downtown…they told us to ignore M Plates unless on a Fire Plug….Period

  5. DoR Employee says:

    I would point out…I don’t mind learning something new…..but the information we were given at the particular place we do roll call was to ignore M plates Period.

    Same for U plates.

  6. I’d pay good money to see the M plate directive in writing or to have it on tape with the name and title of the person saying it… I’m sure the inspector general would like that information too.

  7. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    DOR Employee, etal-

    I think there is a disconnect between the “law” and policy.

    I think in most cases M plates get a pass as a courtesy of one city employee to another. I don’t like it, I don’t think it’s right, but I understand why it happens. As Ticketmaster says, ticketing of M plated vehicles would start a war between the departments. I’m sure managers don’t need the headache of such battles either so they are trying to promote harmony by unofficially telling people not to ticket M plates.

    I still contend, there’s nothing in the law that allows M vehicles to park illegally unless in an emergency like Ticketmaster says.

    BTW: Thanks for all the great comments everyone. I love the lively discussion.

  8. Ticketmaster says:

    Angry Chicagoan,

    The only memo out in writing was issued by Director Bea Reyna-Hicky cleary stating that “M” plates are to park legal at all times. We do have the authority to issue citations to “M” plated vehicles. Should a “M” plated vehicle be ticketed, the driver of said vehicle will have to pay for that citation. Other departments can do whatever they want, however Bea has made it very clear that Revenue Personal are to lead by example.


    no disrespect to you, but based on your comments, may I safely assume you were a TCA that came from the OEMC or the CPD? Both of those organizations have their own rules and policies. Revenue’s policy is simple….Park Legal.

  9. Ticketmaster says:

    Angry Chicagoan,

    I should add, Parking Geek is right about the courtsey being issued from one city employee to another. Interdepartment wars are ugly and takes awhile to straighten things out.

  10. EL Rider says:

    I live near the Dept. of Revenue (DoR) office on Ashland and saw a hysterical parking ticket situation right down the street from the DoR office: One afternoon 2 weeks ago a DoR employee ticketed a car as I was walking by so I checked out the car, front plates? Yep, no other apparent violation except that the vehicle has no city sticker of any kind, which lead me to believe that the ticket was for failure to display a city sticker. Less than 5 minutes later the car’s owner showed up with, get this, wearing an orange DoR vest. He checked out the ticket and marched down the street towards the crowd of DoR employees yelling at one of them to argue his case. Welcome to the Chicago Department of Revenue.

    If it matters the Parking Ticket Geek helped me with good advice after a DoR employee knocked off my front plate while parking, I saw that and before going to work I put the plate in the front window, the DoR ticketed me for failure to properly display a front plate. The ticket was thrown out after photos and an explaination were presented to the court, of course I still had to pay $50 to replace the plate holder. Thanks Parking Ticket Geek.

  11. Illinois Patriot says:

    M plate…U plate…we all got juice with these plates!

    Guess some have privileges that others don’t. “Well I’m on official business so I can park anywhere I want to blah, blah, blah. If you don’t like it, call my supervisor!” Welcome to the big shitty, whoops, I meant city! BTW anyone see THIS last night? (Look for the “To Serve And Park” video. Sorry, no direct link.) More crap from oh so loyal craptastic city serfs. BTW, too bad a pirate tow truck didn’t hook ‘n haul the van in the above picture. What? That would be theft? Oh, yeah, right…don’t steal…our shitty, sorry, city government hates the competition! Thank God my work rotation has changed and now I only have to go into the shitty, damn it, I meant to say city, really, sorry, two times a week and park my work van. Of course I have to park my work van legally since I’m not privileged like some in those photographs and in the online video.

  12. Illinois Patriot says:

    “Ticketmaster Says:

    Angry Chicagoan,

    I should add, Parking Geek is right about the courtsey being issued from one city employee to another. Interdepartment wars are ugly and takes awhile to straighten things out.”


    Yeah! We wouldn’t want you to do anything like enforce the law equally or nothing! All for you guys, and you guys for yourselves! But you vultures will pounce on every private car/truck/van/pedicab/donkey with saddle/unoccupied left gym shoe you can find that has some remote vague resemblance of a violation. “I gots to bring home dem numbers so Boss Hogg will notice me during the next merit promotion period…” I imagine it must take a very interesting personality type to be able to live with the dichotomy and internal conflict of what you guys do for a living?

    DoR/LAZ Joint Corporate Mission Statement:

    “First and foremost, we protect our own, through the systematic application of the law to ourselves while still maintaining the effort to make big bucks for the mayor through the thorough and overbearing application of vaguely legal taxes and private property confiscation bestowed by us upon the private citizens and visitors of the City of Chicago.”

    One must almost possess a kind of borderline sociopathic personality disorder to work in this position, no?

  13. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Hey IP!

    Where you’ve been? Nice to see your anti-establishment commentary again.

  14. Illinois Patriot says:

    Dad had a bad medical scare with his DoR/LAZ gland i.e. the prostate. BTW whadaya think of my DoR/LAZ Joint Corporate Mission Statement?

  15. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    What Shakesperean flair your writing has!

    Seriously, well done.

    Although, I hope your Dad’s ok. Both my father-in-law and my Dad went through that. Not fun.

    I’ll keep a prayer for your Dad.

  16. DoR Employee says:

    Ticketmaster…No Offense Taken.

    After 10 years..I am still willing to learn something new.

  17. Pete says:

    Hello people, this is Illinois. Anyone driving a government owned vehicle can park whatever the hell they want. Regardless of published regulations, no government employee will ever get in trouble for how they parked a government vehicle. This is the kind of accountability we have in the government we voted for.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Chuck Goudie sure had his fun the other day! Where is Jimmy Justice when you need him? Back in the 1970s there was this serial tire slasher who would slash tires of illegally parked cars in his neighbourhood. The columnist Mike Royko suggested he go downtown to slash tires of illegally parked cars by City Hall! This vigilante could have lots of fun by the CTA HQ.

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