Ticket Investigation Restarted After Trib Story

It seems that the Chicago Tribune has pushed the police to take a second look at Mark Geinosky’s parking ticket harassment case.

A few day’s ago, Jon Yates, the Problem Solver columnist for the Trib, wrote a great piece about Mr. Geinosky problem.  His problem was that a cop has it in for him and wrote him 24 tickets for violations that never occurred at locations he had never been.

But Yates reports now that some cops from internal affairs looking into the case, interviewed Geinosky the day after the Trib piece was published.

It’s great the Trib could get something done for Mr. Geinowsky. At the same time, it’s sad that it takes the bright light of the media to get some simple justice for the common man.

Cops probing charges of parking-ticket vendetta

By Jon Yates

Mark Geinosky spoke with investigators from the Chicago Police Department‘s Internal Affairs Division on Wednesday, one day after What’s Your Problem? published his story of parking ticket woe.

Geinosky, 48, said the interview went well.

“I’m very happy,” he said. “I do believe they’re taking it seriously.”

The Orland Park resident has received 24 tickets in the past 16 months and insists he is being targeted by officers. To date, 23 of the tickets have been thrown out by administrative hearing officers.

Thirteen tickets were signed by the same officer. A Police Department spokesman said the officer has not been disciplined.

“At this point in our investigation, there is no evidence that constitutes a relief of the officer’s active-duty status,” said Officer John Mirabelli. “The allegations will be thoroughly investigated, and the matter will be handled according to the results of the investigation.”

Geinosky is scheduled to appear in administrative court next week on his latest parking ticket, his 24th. That ticket was issued Dec. 1, more than two months after he sold his car and removed the plates.

3 Responses to Ticket Investigation Restarted After Trib Story

  1. [...] police officer a while back. But over three months later, there still has been no resolution to the investigation his writings inspired. Read his recent column, Investigation continues in bogus-parking-ticket case for the [...]

  2. [...] Geinosky kept on getting phantom tickets, all by mail of course, at places he’d never been and in some cases at locations which didn’t exist. Now, Geinosky contested and ultimately got all those tickets dismissed. But initially, the internal investigation into this funny business was dropped by internal investigations until the Tribune began putting on the pressure. [...]

  3. [...] First, Geinosky started getting a flurry of parking tickets issued for addresses he’s never driven his car. While fighting the tickets, he tried to uncover what seemed to be a concerted effort to inconvenience him with these tickets but the case went nowhere. He finally got the Trib’s Yates on the case which forced CPD to reopen the case. [...]

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