Orange Street Cleaning Sign–R.I.P. 2008?

Orange Sign

After many years of service, the iconoclastic orange cardboard signs, that have clung so tenuously to so many light poles, trees, street signs, bushes, etc., the harbinger of the street sweeper, is about to be retired.

Or perhaps, more accurately, sent into semi-retirement.

City of Chicago Streets & Sanitation Department announced in a press release today (March 28, 2008) , as of April 1, it will launch five different colored signs to denote on which day of the week, which side of the street will be cleaned. Mr. Orange sign still makes an appearance on Friday.

Here’s the color coding.

Monday = Blue

Tuesday = Red

Wednesday = Yellow

Thursday = Green

Friday = Orange

The Dept. of Streets & Sanitation says the color coded signs will make it easier for drivers to understand which day of the week they will have to get off their ass and move their car to the other side of the street.

Kudos to streets & san. Seriously. Good job.

This is such an elegant and easy fix to a problem that sometimes made it confusing when street cleaning was supposed to be.

Albeit, all you had to do was read the day of the week on the sign and act accordingly. But, when you are parking your car sometime after 2 AM and are, perhaps a little, mmmmm, tired, let’s say, and your vision a bit blurred, it might be hard to remember which day of the week it actually is when the sun comes up in a few short hours.

But realize, with this new innovation of color-coded signs, you will not be able to use the “I was confused by the signs,” or “all the signs looked the same,” defense that may have worked to get you out of paying that last street cleaning violation. You won’t have a good excuse next time.

But in general, a good move by the city. Impressive really.

One Response to Orange Street Cleaning Sign–R.I.P. 2008?

  1. Bill says:

    Actually, not such a great idea. Have you seen the blue signs for Mondays? Super dark with black lettering. Very difficult to see against a tree late at night. I missed the blue signs last night and woke up to a damn $50 ticket this morning. This is after many years of not getting any street cleaning tickets at all with the orange signs that you can actually see against the trees.

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